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Za Cosmetics Personal Grooming Workshop

This entry is written by DBIT Year 3 student, Vaish whom many fellow coursemates and lecturers acknowledge as a 'star presenter'  for her excellent presentation skills.

Besides being an outstanding presenter, Vaish also holds the proud record of consistently maintaining a GPA of 3.5 and above for every semester of her studies despite being highly active in her other non-academic pursuits.  She managed to score at least one Distinction in every semester, except one.  Her most impressive achievement was in AY2012/2013 Semester 1 where she was juggling three things all at one go – she was serving her ITP at SalesForce, she was the camp chief of her club’s CCA and she had to study for seven modules.   Despite this heavy workload, she scored a total of 4 Distinctions and 3 A grades.   As a Business Information Technology student, she did her course proud by emerging first place in the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Singapore National Competition 2011.

Hey DBIT Students! Ever wondered how to personally groom yourself to look your best for interviews and presentations?

Well, that is the reason why our DBIT Lecturers worked hard to rope in a team of make-up specialists from Shisiedo’s Za Cosmetics brand to conduct a special personal grooming workshop for final-year DBIT students two weeks ago.

EDM poster for the event

On behalf of all the students who had attended (and of those who were too busy rushing projects to attend), let me give you an overview of the details covered during the exciting workshop!

The workshop was kick-started by Louis, a male trainer (yes, you read right, he was a guy!) with a mini lesson on the philosophy of skincare followed by some basic skincare tips.

Louis, the male trainer at the front of the room
Our DBIT Year 3 gals listening to him

First, we were introduced to the 4 different skin types, Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination Skin and the numerous causes of skin problems.  Did you know that the number one reason for those countless pimples popping up on your face is lack of sleep? Yet another reason we should not take our beauty sleep for granted!

Besides getting some well-deserved rest, Mr Louis also enlightened us that another way to maintain good skin is to drink lots of water and cut down on oily food like peanuts and chocolate (okay, all you chocolate lovers can pretend you did not read this bit, just drink up your 8 glasses of water!)
Next topic was basic skincare.

Upon quizzing us and discovering with shock that barely any of us knew anything about the differences between toners and lotion, he started to explain that the main purpose of toners is to help close up pores VS lotion which is used to hydrate skin. Lotions are especially helpful for oily skin because they balance out the pH level of the skin. Moisturisers should only be applied AFTER lotion.

"Moisturisers are important to help to prevent the loss of moisture so do not forget to dab some on every day!"

Now, what’s all that theory knowledge for if we have no idea how to effectively apply it? So, it was time for a 3-step Skin Preparation Demo! And contrary to the norm, for this session, the trainer picked a male model - Damin instead!

Damin  - our model for the day!

Step 1: Cleanse your face with Za’s CleanseMax Cleansing Gel!
Remember, the right way to apply cleanser is to use your middle finger and ring finger!

First, segregate cleanser to be applied onto 4 places-your face, forehead and cheeks. Next, stroke in a circular motion. This is important to promote blood circulation and to push impurities out from within. Do you know which is the most important area for cleansing? It is your nose! This is because most white heads and blackheads form on the nose area due to dust and dirt particles in the environment. So get your hands on Za’s very own cleanser today!

Hot tip: Za’s cleanser contains Vitamin E to promote blood circulation!

Step 2: Apply some lotion!
Do take note, the correct dosage for lotion is the size of a 50-cent coin. Apply in a circular motion!

Step 3: Moisturising Time with the Za Dewy Moisturiser!
Many might wonder why moisturiser is so important. Well, here are the wonders moisturiser does to your skin!

  • Instantly restore dehydration and stickiness
  • Make pores less visible
  • Make the skin glow

And that’s the 3-step method to preparing your skin before applying make-up!

Now that the skin was all prepped up, it was time for makeup application!  For all you guys planning to ignore the next section, note that make up isn’t just for girls. For men too, a little makeup can go a long way toward accentuating your best features and hiding flaws

As demonstrated by Mr. Louis on Andrew who was hand-picked to model due to his blemish-free skin, here's how to put on makeup without looking "made up".

First Step: Blemish Base: Za’s 12-in-1 BB Cream
  • For those of you wondering how BB Cream differs from regular foundation bases, BB Cream has a lighter texture and gives you more coverage. Remember to apply your BB Cream in circular motion.
  • Feel free to add on concealer & foundation base if necessary, followed by drawing of your eyebrows using eyebrow pencils and outlining of your eyes with eyeliner. Complete the look with a dab of lip balm to protect your lips from drying up.

Girls applying the BB Cream
    Guys don't want to miss out on the fun too!

    Now comes the part that girls will be interested in- How to apply makeup for females!
Trainer Su Chee took over to demonstrate this part.

Step 1: Apply Make Up Base
• Reduce Dull
• Stop Oil and Shine
• To tone down redness & yellowness

Step 2: Concealer & 2-way Foundation: To cover imperfections
Areas to be applied:
• Upper Eyelid: To brighten eyes
• Under Eyelids: To cover dark eye circles.

Important tips to note:
1. Start from the lowest area of dark circles.  Do not pull skin!)
2. Foundation has to be applied according to your skin tone: Yellow, Pink, Beige Tone
3. Test foundation colour at Jaw line, not back of wrist as colour is not the same as that of your face!

How to apply: Gently press foundation onto half of sponge, then apply in dab and roll motion.

Step 3: Eyebrows
  • Remember to draw the outline of your eyebrows.
  • Ensure that the starting pt is the lowest end point of your eyebrows.
  • Your ending pt must be higher than the starting point.
  • If you have thick eyebrows, it is best to draw them slightly thinner.

Step 4: Eyeshadow
  • For eyeshadow, the important tip is to start from the ends and blend to the front.
  • Where should you apply your eyeshadow? The area within your eyeball!
  • Rule of thumb: Stronger shades go on lids, lighter shades above eyelid, lightest shade should be nearest to nose.
  • Tip: Many people are unaware of this but it is always best to use a primer before applying your eyeshadow!

Step 5: Eyeliner
  • Hot tip: Get a curling tool to curl your lashes before applying eyeliner!
  • Curl at 3 places, near root of lashes, middle of lashes, ending tip of lashes

Step 6: Mascara

Za's latesty mascara product launched last month 28 Feb 2013!
Even mascara has its own mascara base! Get your base and apply it first for long-lasting effects!

Presenting the Za Killer Volume Mascara!

The special feature about this mascara is that it gives you 170% more volume for your eyelashes!
(Tried & Tested!)

And if you have some time and want to win some attractive prizes, try out this Facebook Mascara game my team created for Za Cosmetics!


Step 7: Blusher
  • And the last step, the blusher!
  • It should be applied to areas higher than your nose, at an angular angle, in a circular motion.
  • Tip: If you girls are aiming for a cutesy Kawaii look, apply your blusher at the apple of your cheeks!

With that demo, our 2-hour long makeup workshop by Za came to an end with some hands-on time for ourselves.

Check out the following pictures to see the fun we had during the workshop!


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