Thursday, March 7, 2013

DBIT Year 1 students practise their Business Talent! -- Day 01 of Moove Media Hails Young Business Talent Challenge 2013

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Last Friday, 01 March 2013 was the last day of the official SP examination period for Academic Year 2 2012/2013 and this week marks the beginning of the 6 weeks vacation period everyone has been eagerly waiting for.

Most of our DBIT Year 1 students started their holidays even earlier because their last paper was on 22 Feb 2013!  But not so for four particular DBIT Year 1 students: Weixuan, Sally, Yihan and Imran.  They still had to sit for three more days of "exams"...

The Magic 4!
Sally, Yihan, Wei Xuan and Imran

Well, fortunately, these 'exams' are fun!

The 'exam' I am talking about is the three rounds of competition that Wei Xuan, Sally, Yihan and Imran have to undergo as they compete with six other teams from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Management University and ERC as part of a business marketing competition they are particpating in.

This fun and challenging competition is organised by the team of talented staff from our supportive partner, Moove Media.  If the name Moove Media does not sound familiar to you, I am sure this cow mascot on the left may ring a bell!

Or perhaps you have seen a Moove Media cow "grazing" in your neighbourhood or one of Singapore's popular spots sometime before.  Yes, Moove Media is the advertising agency in charge of those quirky and fun 3D advertisements that got you taking out your cameras and start snapping them in awe.

Photo Credits to Mr Samsul Adam

On Friday, the students completed the first round of this competition.  On the first day of this competition, the students had to do three things based on a product that they were allocated.
Task 1Within 2 hours, use Photoshop to create an outdoor poster for their product. Basic criteria for this poster: It should catch the attention of passers-by in 6 seconds and display prominently product details such as price, features etc.

Task 2Within 1 hour and 30 minutes, film and create a video that showcases the product.  The video will be uploaded to Youtube and must eventually be able to capture as many likes as possible.  Each team must also create a Facebook Page to market the product and try to increase the Fan likes on this Page as well.

Task 3Within 30 minutes, come up with a short presentation to convince a retail shop owner to carry the product in his shop.

Here are some pictures that feature the highlights of the day.

Each team had to report at 8 am (!) at the Moove Media near Sin Ming area.
Upon arriving, the teams would be given a colored box containing the challenges of the day
Guess which color box we got!

Team SP a.k.a. Team Rocket posing with our pink box

After all the teams arrived, we gathered in the
auditorium for a briefing.  This was followed by an ice-breaking session.
Afterwards, breakfast!

After breakfast, the challenge began!
Each participating team had to
spin the wheel to select a product

The students then gathered into a room
to start working on the outdoor poster for their product

Here's a pic of our DBIT students at work!
Photo credits to Imran

After completing the poster, the students
gathered back into the auditorium where
they were given comments and scores by an internal panel of judges
from the Moove Media team

Here are the scores of the first day.  Sadly, our team did not score a high score for the first day of the competition. :(
But I am glad our students are not disheartened, look at the Facebook status message they posted after they knew the results.  Way to go, Team Rocket!

Win or lose, it does not matter, it will be an enriching and fun experience for them and I look forward to updating you again for Day 2 and Day 3 when they are over, so keep a close watch on this blog! :)

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