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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #013 - Jaelin Chia Li Qing

In the last few weeks, you have seen features of our DBIT graduates who have secured places in the local universities like NTU and SMU, but you must be wondering, when will I get to my DBIT senior who can tell me more about her / his life in NUS?!

Well, if you were waiting for this all along, I am happy to inform you that this issue, we are going to chat with your DBIT senior who is currently in NUS!

Say “Hello” to Jaelin Chia Li Qing who not only managed to be accepted into one of the most coveted courses, but also won a prestigious scholarship from OCBC Bank!

Li Qing, congrats on getting into NUS and winning the OCBC Scholarship!  Can you tell us more about the degree programme you are studying now?

I am currently pursuing an Information System degree (direct honors) in NUS, majoring in E-commerce. As the name implies, it focuses more on e-business management.  What is great is that since I am a graduate from DBIT, I obtained exemptions for quite a few modules! :-)

In the first semester, we take a number of common modules and basic modules. Some of the modules that I have taken were quite similar to those in poly, but more in-depth.

From second semester onwards, we get to plan our modules more specific to our major. For e-commerce, I have core modules like e-business essentials and entrepreneurial marketing.

If things go well, I may take up a minor in management.

What is the difference between poly life and university life?  Please share your own experience on how you transited from poly to uni life and give some tips to your junior on how they can cope with this transition when they enter uni in future!

I think the most important thing in uni is to have fun, since it will be the last phase of school life for most of us.

Knowing friends and seniors during orientation camps has helped me a lot. Joining orientation camps can be quite important to help one kick start his/her uni life. It is where you find new friends and know seniors that are in the same faculty and major as you. As the school system can be quite tedious and difficult to understand at first, it is good to know some seniors. Most of them will know how you feel and will be able to help you with your difficulties or clarify your doubts.

[group of friends Jaelin made in her first camp - outing after camp]

[her second camp]

Apart from orientation camps, staying in hall or taking up NUS or faculty’s CCA can also enrich one’s campus life. It is a good way to know more friends from either your faculty or outside your faculty. Most of us tend to be closer to our hall or CCA friends than our tutorial classmates.

[ Faculty (SOC) basketball girls]

[hall mates]

[hall mates]
Academic wise, you may be expected to know or read up some stuffs at your own time. But not to worry, tutorial class can be quite similar to poly. It is where discussion on tutorial answers and project presentations takes place. There is also allocation for class participation, so just be there and answer a few questions once in a while.

Please share with us how you managed to apply the OCBC degree/ scholarship.  How was the scholarship interview process like?

I just thought of trying my luck for some scholarships and OCBC so happen to be the first to reply me.

OCBC called me up for interview quite some time after my application was sent. It was conducted by around seven or eight staff from their HR department. Their questions were based on the things in my portfolio and there’s questions like why should they give me the scholarship. They also looked at leadership and character building activities that I have took part in.

Did you consider other degree programs?  Why did you pick this one eventually?

I was also offered a double degree in Computer Science and Business in NTU, but I thought it will be too heavy for me. Also, I have friends in NUS, so I decided to take up my degree in NUS.

Share us some memories of yourselves / your friends / your life in SP when you were in DBIT

Poly times were the best! Lecturers were friendly and helpful, friends were nice and fun to be with and though projects and test can be irritating, but life was still good. Many of us even missed SP food after graduating!

[My FYP group and Kim @ D&D]

[OITP in my second year]

My CCA in SP Primers was also filled with fun memories, activities like NDP motivators, beach day and photo hunt really made us very close.

[during one of our NDP trainings]

[Friends from SP Primers]

Share with us what your FYP was about? What did you like about FYP, what you did not.  Some screenshots of your FYP project or your FYP team-mates etc.  Pls share some tips for your juniors who are doing FYP now ☺

My FYP was to build an iPad app for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), BMT (Basic Military Training) soldiers. The main aim of the app was to allow the BMT soldiers to further enhance their learning experience on things taught during their BMT through the app.

It was quite stressful when we were stuck with the prototype for nearly 3 months. Many of our nights were spent at the airport drawing the prototypes, writing the program and writing the final report and user guide.

However it was an enjoyable process for my team. We had fun most of the time; doing stupid stuffs together seems almost like a hobby to us.

[After our final FYP presentation]

What were your favourite modules in SP? Least favourite? Why?

I enjoyed WCD (Web Client Development) and Java Programming. I guess it’s the first two modules that help me realized that I enjoy programming.

As for least favourite, it’s those presentation skills and report writing modules. It’s too dry but I come to realize that it was useful.

What do you like about the DBIT course? What do you think should be improved in the DBIT course.

I think I really learnt a lot in DBIT. I started off in this course knowing nothing about business and IT, through the course; I come to know that I am interested in e-commerce.

What are your plans after university studies?

I hope to travel as I work after university. Trying out new things and experiencing different country cultures. :)

Please share some encouraging words or advice for juniors who are in the DBIT course now, or aspiring secondary students who are interested to pursue a business or IT related course.

Do what you’re interested in and just have fun. Modules can be boring at times but if you find some fun within, you will enjoy it more. Also, school is not about studying only. Join activities, when you look back at your poly life, you will find it more interesting and you will have more stories to share.  ☺

More pictures of Jaelin and her friends below! :)

For her excellent leadership skills,
Jaeline won the Outstanding Class Leader Award last year!

Graduation trip with friends to Hong Kong

Her cute neighbours in hall

Photo taking after one of the Hall’s Event

View from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

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