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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #009 - Lim Yihan

With that beautiful mane of feminine curls, big soulful eyes and slim-cut figure,  DBIT Year 1 student Lim Yihan turns heads wherever she goes!

When my eyes first fell on Yihan, I was hooked immediately.  Soooooooo pretty! Soooooooo sweet!

She is the girl with the 'Three S':

Swee (Hokkien for pretty), Sweet and Smart!

Yup, don't be fazed by her near-perfectness; besides her good looks, Yihan is a top student with a GPA that is really close to a perfect 4.0! :)

But Yihan humbly proclaims that she is just hardworking, and despite her popularity among guys and girls, she confesses she is really a shy girl at heart.

Yihan, tell us more about where you came from and what you did before coming to SP!

I was from Kranji Primary & Woodlands Ring Secondary School.

In primary school, I joined many CCAs in the school to find out what I am capable of.  Back then, I  tried Track & Field , Netball , Handbell , Chinese Dance and Indian Dance!  I enjoyed dancing the most. :)

In secondary school, I chose AVA (Audio Visual Aids) as my CCA as I am really interested in Photography.  I was chosen as the Welfare Head for my CCA in Secondary 3.

In Primary & Secondary school life, I was very poor in my Mathematics and Sciences. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I still could not do well.  I was always the last few in class for these two subjects. I remembered the times when I get my results; I always end up sobbing in the toilet because I felt very helpless.

Crying was something Yihan often did
after getting her results in Maths and Science

However, I am stronger in my languages especially in my Mother Tongue. I can say I came in the first place most of the time.

In Secondary Three, I was offered Pure Chemistry, Physics and Additional Mathematics. It was quite a challenge for me to do well. I struggled my way through to Secondary 4, and even till Prelims 2 (which was 2 months before O levels), my L1R5 back then was 30.  At that point of time, I felt very helpless and useless and I felt that I have already studied very hard.

Then, my form teacher shared with us a quote. She said “God only help those who help themselves”.

This quote gave me a lot of motivation for me to strive and work even harder!  So, I tried to change my studying method. Instead of reading, I did many many practice papers.  I even requested my teachers for extra practice papers despite the heavy amount of workload I already had!

I still remember I stayed back almost every single day in school to finish my homework and revision. Even after the school closed at 6.30pm, I remember that I would drop by Republic Polytechnic to continue my revision till 10pm with my friend before going home everyday. I am glad that all my efforts paid off! :)

One of Yihan's favourite teachers in school :Mr Fan

Share some of your memorable moments of childhood and earlier days with family or friends
I remember I enjoyed going out with my family every weekends on a shopping trip or just have a meal during my primary school days. I miss those times because nowadays, all of us are all busy with our studies and work and rarely have that Family-Day-Out anymore.

Other memories -- I guess it’s the day when I got my ‘O’ Levels Chinese results.  I didn’t expect myself getting a Distinction among the only few in my batch. I still remember the moment my teacher said, “Congratulations Yihan” . I almost burst into tears of happiness.

Share your likes and dislikes

I enjoy photography, swimming, shopping and hanging out with my friends in my free time. And I love doing some handmade(DIY) stuffs using the limited materials in my home. 

Why did you choose DBIT course?
That’s because I am interested in both Business & IT at the same time. I feel that learning both skills would provide me with a better opportunity in my career in the future.

What is your ambition in life? What do you see are the steps you need to take in order to realise your dreams?

I want to work in a local bank or maybe set up my own business in the future.

Before all that, I am aiming to go into a local university, preferably NUS or NTU to get a degree.

In order to realise this dream, I need to work really hard to get a GPA of at least 3.8 in order to go to my preferred University in about 3 years time.

Other than that, I am hoping to get selected for the London trip next year !

I will work hard to achieve that goal.

So you are looking forward to go to LONDON!  Have you travelled to other countries before?

Yes . I’ve been to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan & Korea.

I love the scenery in Korea the most and the people there are really nice despite the language barrier.

Other than Korea, I love Taiwan too. It is the best place to go Shopping. Hahaha !

Name three things or people that inspire you

1) Nick Vujicic

"Life without limbs, but from no limbs to no limits."

He is really a very good motivational speaker. I mean, can you imagine yourself born without arms. You would have no arms to hug someone, no hands to hold the ones you love, no way to lift or carry objects. What about legs. Imagine you have no ability to dance, walk, run or even stand. What would you do every day?  . There was once my secondary school teacher shared with us a YouTube video of his. I was really touched by his speech and strength he has in himself. This limbless man had even accomplished more than most people accomplished in a lifetime. He had never given up on himself despite his physical disabilities. I am truly inspired.

2)Dr William Tan
Dr William Tan
(Picture from
Dr William Tan, paralyzed from the waist down due to polio at aged two has never given up to fate or his disabilities. He has preserved, endured all the taunting by his peers during school days and worked his way to become a medical doctor and a neuroscientist he is today, helping to heal lives in his profession.He was once invited to my secondary school to give us a motivational talk. Through the talk,  I found out that Dr William Tan has become the first man to complete the North Pole marathon on wheelchair. I was impressed by his perseverance and endurance he have. He taught me that no matter how tough and painful the journey is, never give up and have faith in yourself.

3) Mark Zuckerberg
I guess most of you guys have heard of him. He is the founder of Facebook and it has grew it into one of the world's most successful businesses. By 2007, Zuckerberg was a billionaire at the age of 23. I guess he is someone that all of us should admire. He is probably the youngest billionaire in the world.

What are your favorite modules in SP?

My favorite module is Digital Visual Design (DVDE) . I really enjoy using Photoshop since I got to learn this sotware when I was in Secondary 2 through a workshop. I really love this module as it enables me to deepen my knowledge in Photoshop and Photography.

Please share 3 pictures of your past projects / assignments)


Creating a website with skills learnt in DVDE & WCD

More pictures of Yihan!

At Singapore National Museum (3D Art)

Outing with her classmates Bernard, Timothy, Lihui & Angela
Beautiful Yihan with her equally pretty mother

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