Monday, July 23, 2012

DBIT hosted two pretty UK girls from University College London (UCL)!

Do you remember this song?

London bridge is falling down~ falling down~falling down~
London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

Most of us have heard of London, especially from this popular childhood song. But has anyone actually met someone from London face-to-face?

Well, I did! Haha :)

For the past three weeks, we had the pleasure of having two beautiful girls, Adeline and Shahad from London to join us in our lessons, and to experience life as a Singaporean.

The two girls came to Singapore as part of an student exchange program organized by DBIT.  Be impressed, because they are from one of the top 10 universities in the world --- the University College London (UCL)!

During their stay here, we interacted with them and found that the course they are taking is called the "Bachelor of Science (Information Management for Business)".

The good news is that if DBIT students go on to pursue this course after our graduation from polytechnic, we can gain an instant head start because UCL may consider admitting us to the second year of the BSc (Information Management for Business) right away by just taking one foundation module.  Students from DBIT course may also be considered for admission to the third year of the four year MSc (Information Management for Business) programme.  Do note however that, the above two scenarios are on a case by case basis, subject to UCL’s approval.  More information about this can be found at the DBIT website:

But time flies, before we knew it, Adeline and Shahad had to go back to UK after staying here for three weeks.

A day before they left,  the two pretty girls did a presentation in front of a group of DBIT students from Year 1 to Year 3 as part of their research project.

The main focus of their presentation was  their analysis of the differences between UK and Singapore in areas such as the economy, tourism, culture and so on.

Some of the interesting content they presented include:

  • Analysis of the differences between the fashion of Singapore and London
Singaporeans clothing seems to be more simple compared to the Londoners

  • Contrast between the Singapore and London
Compare the skylines of Singapore and London!

They also presented their findings of the difference in the flavors of Starbucks sold in Singapore and London. Singapore Starbuck’s Frappuccino is more Asian oriented. For example, Green tea is a beverage, more enjoyed by Asian than the people from Europe or America. Therefore, Starbuck Singapore has the Green tea Frappuccino.

Green tea frappucino in Singapore vs Strawberry & cream Frappucino in London

  • Comparison of Subway in Singapore and London
Singapore's Subway offers white onions, Londoners use red onions

Overall, the presentation was awesome.  A big thank you to the girls!

But we should not forget our tour guides from DBIT who brought the girls around Singapore and created fantastic memories for them. They are Jeremy, Khine, Lara and Ellisya from DBIT/FT/2A/01! Good work for showing the girls around and welcome them warmly! ☺

After the end of the presentation, we got our student representative from DBIT to present a gift of appreciation to each of the girls.  The student representative  we chose to take up this important task is none other than our handsome Jeremy Eng!

Jeremy seems to be blushing! Haha :P
Jeremy presenting farewell gifts to the two girls
Last of all, are you interested to know more about London and meet the girls again? Well, join us on a trip to London during Sep/ Oct for an overseas immersion programme to UK!

Interested students please submit your application in the link below.

Thats all folk! Thank you for reading! :)

Written by:
Eng Zhao Wei (
DBIT Year 2 student

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