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They rose from #6 to #2! -- Day 2 of the Young Business Talents Challenge

Happy news!

Last week, I mentioned how our Year 1 students bravely fought a battle against six other teams who were older and more experienced than them in the Moove Media Hails Young Business Talent competition but was beaten by the veterans to the 6th position.

Group Photo taken on Day 01 of the competition
Can you spot our Magic 4?
Hint: They are in the color PINK

But what is heartening is that our "SP Magic Four" team did not let their lack-lustre results bring them down, but came back to improve their rankings by three positions after the 2nd day of the competition held last Friday!

Yes, they stepped up from the 6th position to the Top 3! Wowz! :)

And that is really amazing, because they are the youngest team among the seven teams, and what's more, the judges for the second day of the competition were all industry experts from renowned companies like OCBC Bank, NUH etc.

The students are of course ecstatic about their comeback and team member Imran was particularly excited and posted several Facebook updates about his team's achievement.

It is also heartening to see that when we posted about our improvement in rankings on our Facebook Page, a student from another team actually posted a friendly message to congratulate us. Thanks Jian Hao from NYP! :)

So what did our students do on the second day of the competition that enabled their comeback?

ALOT! The outcome of this round of the competition is actually the results of almost an entire day of work!

Here's a summary of what they did that day before I share you the pictures that tell the whole story! :)

  1. First, they reported at Moove Media HQ at 8 am
  2. Followed by which they listened to a briefing by the vivacious Ms Junice Liew, the Head of Marketing in Moove Media
  3. Then they had their breakfast
  4. After breakfast, they were given a list of possible products that they could select from later
  5. Then they started waiting
  6. And waiting
  7. And waiting
  8. And waiting
  9. And waiting
  10. Until it was their turn to choose their products to sell.
Why there are so many "and waiting" in the numbered list above, is because sadly, due to the fact that the team had been ranked 6th in the first round of the competition, they had to wait for the teams which were ranked higher to choose the products first before they had their turn.  That sort of was a disadvantage for them, because when it came to their time to select their products, there were not many choices left since the availability of products was based on a first-come-first-served basis.

Ms Junice Liew shares about the "Josie the Giraffe" story
An inspiring tale of how Ritz Carlton
exemplifies what is "excellence in customer service"

Breakfast for the day

Poring over the list of items they would be allowed to choose from

Before they were brought into the room which they can choose
their products, they were allowed to make a telephone call to
a Moove Media staff to do a survey that can help them with their decision

After the telephone call, they were brought to a room with
many carts like the ones here

One of the carts - the shampoo cart!

Team tabulating the products they have chosen

 After they secured their 'inventory', the hard work began!

The main task of Day 2 is for the students  to come up with an integrated suite of branding collaterals and marketing strategy that they will use for Day 3 of the competition.  Day 3 of the competition will see the students being transported to a yet unknown bus interchange to set up their storecart and peddle their goods.  The team that earns the most revenue that day will win this round.

To attract more customers to buy their products on Day 3, the different teams had to brainstorm about how they should "dress up" their "mobile storecart", how they should price each product, and how they would differentiate themselves from the other teams since everyone was going to sell at exactly the same place!

The various teams worked very hard from about 10 am to 3 pm to come up with Photoshop posters, presentation slides etc and finally, at 3.30 pm, they were ready to present to the industry judges!

The SP team was the 6th to present, so we were all very nervous as we watched the teams before us, who were all very good!  How to do as well as them?!

Finally, after about 1 hour plus, it was our turn to present.  I had not seen the students rehearse their presentation or even seen their slides, so I was also on tenterhooks as the students took the stage.

But my worries were allayed after their presentation concluded.  The team were very steady and calm and gave a very coherent and enthusiastic presentation.  Weixuan was especially impressive!  And I was really amazed by his performance since he had not a single wink of sleep the night before!

Below are some snaps of the highlights of the team and work and their presentations.  Want more? Check out our DBIT Facebook Page!

But meanwhile, let's wish them all GOOD LUCK and all the best for Day 3! :)

Look how serious they are as they worked!



Inside the auditorium, NP team in blue is the first team to present!
Seated at the pink table are the industry judges!

Scoreboard and the names of the judges

Waiting for their turn to present

Finally, it was their turn!
Weixuan's impressive
presentation about the "Power of 9"
Sally's presentation about the lucky dip

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