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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #018 - Tan Wei Xuan

Happy Chinese New Year, DBIT peeps! :)

I hope your CNY was a "angpowful" one and you had a good time catching up with your cousins and other relatives during this festive season?

Our poster boy for the latest issue of MetroDBITan was definitely kept busy through the last few days of the 2013 Lunar New Year period because not only had he to follow the traditional Chinese customary practice of visiting his relatives, he also had to study for his upcoming Social Media Marketing (SMM) test on this Friday (15 Feb 2013)!

Photo of Weixuan in his CNY outfit

Photo of Weixuan studying his SMM

But the mild-mannered boy takes all these in stride, and as many of his classmates will testify, no matter how heavy the workload is, Wei Xuan will always try his best to manage and complete each task satisfactorily to the best of his abilities.  In fact, he is often nominated to lead his assignment teams because he is well-known for his great sense of responsibility! :)

But the fact is, Weixuan is an IIS (Integrated Infocomm Scholarship) Scholar, and hence, I am not surprised that he has all these positive attributes.

Weixuan at the IIS Award Ceremony

I have just described him as if he has no faults huh? ;)

Well, no one is perfect, so let's find out from him if he has any weaknesses!

Wei Xuan, so what do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths:

Dependable – I see myself as someone who is capable of being depended on. If I was being allocated a task or am consulted by anyone to perform a certain job, I will ensure that I will give it my all to get the job done.

Ambitious – Since young, I have always liked to think far. I will think about the schools/courses that I will like to enroll in when I grow up and the career that I will want. This sort of serves as a goal for me to work towards and it’s definitely easier to know the path that you should take when you have set a goal for yourself.

My weaknesses:

Procrastinator – I am sort of a procrastinator, but not to the extent that I will leave things to the last minute before getting it done. I will still give my self sufficient time to complete my work but the problem is that I will never start my once the moment it is being given.

Quiet – To be honest, I am an extremely quiet person and I don’t really talk much to people that I am not close with. I also have the tendency to keep things to myself.

Tell us more about your school days in primary school and secondary school

Primary School
My school days in Greenridge Primary School have definitely being a smooth one but I have to admit that I was constantly faced with the pressure to do well.

Soccer was one of my favorite sports back then and I also had a close group of friends whom I will play soccer with everyday during recess and after school.

I was in a CCA called Petanque (pronounced pay-tong).  The aim is to toss, or roll a number of hollow steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden target ball.  This CCA has allowed me to take part in a number of competitions but sadly, I was unable to win anything.

Pic from

Studying wasn’t really tedious for me back then and ironically, I really enjoyed the process. I was able to attain a score of 262 for my PSLE and went on to continue my secondary education in Nan Hua High School.

Secondary School
It has been a rough journey for me in Secondary school as I encountered many ups and downs along the way.  Things started to took a wrong turn for me in Secondary 3.

Because of peer pressure, I started to skip my co-curriculum activity(CCA) and I also slacked on my studies.  This caused my previous CCA records to be wiped out and I was only able to obtain a grade of C5 at the end of Secondary 4.

Fortunately, my teachers refused to give up hope on me and continuously put in efforts to change me back to how I was before things went wrong for me.

I broke away from the people who were influencing me in the wrong way and started to make amendments.

I really “woke up” when I received back my Prelim results.

I scored 36 points for my L1R5 and it was really a moment of truth for me. I knew that if I continued on like this, I will surely be unable to get into the course that I have always wanted after secondary school. I started putting in extra effort into my studies and it has certainly paid off as I was able to get a score of 8 for my L1R5 and was able to get into the course that I wanted.

Weixuan with his Secondary 4 classmates

Weixuan in his Nanhua uniform

Share some memorable moments of your teenage years

Well,  this didn’t really happen during my teenage years but it was the one of the most memorable moment that I could remember of. I think that the most memorable moment was that I was given the chance to take part in a the 2nd World Kuoshu all style martial arts championship in 2006. It was a worldwide competition which attracted competitors that came from various countries. I took part in the weapons category for the competition and I was able to clinched second place!

2nd World Kuoshu all style martial arts championship  medal

What made you apply for the IIS Scholarship?

I feel that the IIS scholarship is able to provide me with the skills and knowledge that I will need and ensure that it will be a smooth journey for me through my polytechnic days and these are probably the reasons to why I apply for it.  I also take this scholarship as a motivation for me to constantly do well in my studies.

Share your experience of how you got the IIS Scholarship (e.g. application process, interview process

I got to know of the IIS scholarship when I was reading through my course (DBIT)’s information in the SP website. I was really interested in the scholarship and went on to finding out the way to apply for it.

The application process was done entirely online and some of the questions that it asked were: “ What are the goals  that you have set for yourself?” , “ What are your career aspirations?” and “What are your life aspirations?”.

I spent quite an amount of time on my application form as I wanted it to stand out from the rest.

After being shortlisted, we were required to go through two separate interviews, one of which was a group-based and the other was an individual one.

The process was definitely a tedious one and I was sort of playing a “waiting game” throughout as I have to wait for their phone call to know if I have been shortlisted / been able to get through to the next round of interview/ been able to get the scholarship.

Although it was a tiring process, I will have to say that it was definitely a one that is worthwhile.

Why did you choose DBIT course?

I was interested in majoring in a field whereby I will be able to use IT to do business.  I also wanted a course which will allow me to learn how to use social media to do business.

Web design and client development was also something that I was hoping that the course will offer.

After surveying through the various IT-related courses that are available in the different polytechnics, I realized that Diploma in Business Information Technology was the right course for me. The course focused on e-commerce and social media marketing, an aspect of the career that I aspire to pursue in the future.

Share your likes and dislikes (hobbies, your fav movies, music, food etc)

Badminton has always been my favorite sport/hobby since young and I will usually play with my father/brother at a badminton court near my house. However, due to the workload and time constraint during my secondary school days, I stop playing for quite a while. However, I have recently started playing the sport again and I really hope that I will be able to keep on playing the sport!

My favorite food are Korean BBQ chicken and bibimbap.

What is your ambition in life?

I aspire to work as a Business IT consultant in a multinational company (MNC) such as Google or Ernst & Young.

I believe that with the global information technology(IT) facilities being widely available in the MNC, I will be able to broaden my knowledge towards the IT field and constantly upgrade myself..

Also, being a Business IT consultant will allow me to make use of my knowledge in IT to do business. Likewise, I will also be able to use my knowledge in business to integrate IT into Singapore society as well as help to raise awareness of a certain campaign using IT.

Also, by the time that I have enough capital to start my own business, I plan to set up a web solutions company on my own.

I feel that an unwavering interest and passion in the IT-related field is the most important requirement to develop such a career in the future. Also, having a high level of education and recognition in the IT-related field will also allow me to jump start my career. In order to develop such a career, I also plan to upgrade myself constantly and always be open towards gaining new knowledge about the latest trends and technologies.

Some of Weixuan's assignments 

Java Programming Assignment

Prototype of the product that his group came up with
for the modules iDiscover & Team Communication Skills

Slides that his group came up with
for the module iDiscover

Other pictures of Weixuan

Weixuan and his good friends

Weixuan and his family

Weixuan in a slightly messier haircut :p

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