Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visiting our Final Year Project (FYP) client @ Shiseido Singapore

As mentioned in our earlier blog post about our DBIT 3rd year students doing their sales pitch on 11 Nov 2012, one of our FYP clients this year is Shiseido Singapore.

The FYP group which is working with Shiseido Singapore is made up of three girls and one guy, namely, Samantha (group leader / graphics designer), Vaish (assistant leader / editor), Pei Ying (Programmer) and Zhi Jie (Programmer).

They are currently working on a Facebook game for Shiseido as part of their campaign to launch a new product.

As the FYP supervisor of this group, I can testify to the amount of hard work they have been putting in since they started working on their project way back in Sep this year!

My FYP Group aka D'Experience! :)

But despite the hard work, the last few weeks came up to a very enriching experience for all of them and it was great working with our friendly and pretty client, Miss Yiying who is always ready to assist and help us with our questions despite her busy schedule.

This afternoon, we made an appointment to drop by Shiseido's office in Orchard Road to meet up our client.

The group went down to present their storyboards to Miss Yiying so that she could give us feedback to improve the concepts that the group had come up with before the students start their actual Flash Actionscript programming in December.

During the meeting, Vaish, our reliable minute-taker took down several change requests that the client wanted.  For instance, the group was asked to change the background color of the screens to match the corporate color of the product that the Facebook game is meant to market.  The client also requested the group to try to finish the project earlier so that the game could be launched on the same day as the new product.

Vaish taking minutes while our pretty client Miss Yiying looks on

Listening in to their conversations, I could not help but started to worry a little for my students, seems that they had much work to do, and yet, they had just a few more weeks before the product was due to launch!  But what was heartening that my group took the requests in stride, and confidently told our client that they would work on the changes as requested and deliver it by the date the client's product would launch.  Wow, I am indeed amazed and encouraged by their perseverant spirit! :)

After the meeting, I quickly asked Miss Yiying if we can take a photo with her.  She gladly obliged and so here is the photo! :)

ps: This week is the deadline for all the 3rd year students' FYP Phase 1 reports and I know everyone is really stressed about it! Well, the good thing is that there will be a four weeks break right after the deadline so march on bravely while thinking about that sweet-deserved rest you are going to get soon!

Wishing all FYP students the best in your project and enjoy your holidays ahead! :)

Vaish, Samantha, Peiying, Zhijie and Yiying

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