Sunday, November 11, 2012

DBIT Final Year Project - Sales Pitch!

In the Diploma in Business IT (DBIT) , our students are constantly encouraged to gain real-life experience by working with industry projects.

One of the ways that the students get to work on such projects is definitely the Final Year Project, better known as the FYP, where our third year students are matched with our industry partners to come up with applications or data that can be put to good use.

Some of the DBIT FYP project groups (2009 batch, graduated in 2012)

Singapore Polytechnic has always been a popular choice of companies who want students to work on collaborative projects so with no exception, this year, we were approached by several well-known organisations such as the People's AssociationPublic Service Division, SAS and Shiseido to provide them with students to work on some of their proposed projects.

There are a total of eleven FYP groups in all, and they were assigned to work on projects that ranged from using technologies such as SAS Business Analytics software, Microsoft Sharepoint, Facebook API,  Apple iOS / Android SDK and more.  But more importantly, they got to network with industry clients which gave them a truly authentic learning experience.

Their projects officially started on 15 Oct 2012, though many of the groups started meeting their clients and discussing the project details way back in Sep 2012.  After 3 weeks of intensive brainstorming and hard work,  finally came the time for these DBIT Year 3 students to showcase the efforts they have put in so far.

Thanks to the planning of our long-standing DBIT FYP module co-ordinator, Ms Tan Teck June, the eleven groups did a 5 minutes sales pitch in MLT10 on last Wednesday 07 Nov 2012 to an audience of their fellow DBIT course-mates and several lecturers.  What each group did was to try to present the main concepts of their project to the judges (the FYP supervisor of each group + another lecturer judge) in strictly 5 minutes sharp.

Originally I wanted to list out all the names of the students, but realise it would stretch this blog entry to several pages long! Afterall, with 5 members in 11 groups, it would be a tremendously comprehensive list of 55 names in all!

Most people prefer looking at photos rather than reading long paragraphs of words anyway, so why not I just leave you to enjoy the photos of the students presenting.

Judges (Lecturers seated in the third row) and audience at the back

The first group to present - Group Shiseido.
See how well co-ordinated their dressing is! :

Second group presenting - Damien presenting PA project

Second group from PA

Ivan also presenting PA project

SP Live!

Cube-X by Kent Nai

The well-dressed Shi Hui doing her SAS presentation

Another SAS presentation project
CubeX project also

Football Academy Project

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