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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #010 - Jasmine Leong

“What are my chances of getting into the Business course at the local university?”
This is a common question that pops into many of our Year 3 Diploma in Business IT students as the days grow closer to their graduation date.

Sweet-looking Jasmine
Today, we want to share with you that it is possible and yes, despite the keen competition, we have quite a few DBIT graduates who have clinched places in the coveted Business degrees at universities such as Nanyang Business School (NTU), NUS and SMU.

Let’s meet up with one of them, Jasmine Leong – who was not only offered her dream degree, but she was offered the Khoo Teck Puat Scholarship which would sponsor all her course fees at NTU for the entire duration!
I talked to Jasmine and got a peek into her life in NTU Business School.


Jasmine, congrats on getting into the NTU and securing the KTP Scholarship!  Can you tell us more about the degree programme you are studying now? 

I am currently pursuing a Business degree at NTU.

In the first year, the modules that I’m taking are the common modules like accounting, financial management, economics and statistics. For DBIT students, you can get exemption for the IT modules in the first year.
In the second year, I can choose to specialize in a field of my choice, be it HR, Marketing, Finance or even IT. I’m aiming to specialize in either Finance or IT.


Jasmine & her NTU friends in formal wear

Jasmine (front row, first from left) with her friends at NTU event

What is the difference between poly life and university life? 

Well, the coursework is a lot more intense and the competition here is really tough because our grades are based on the bell-curve system.

The university also places a lot of emphasis on class participation and presentations, which is commonly seen in polytechnics.

Just doing your tutorials is not enough. Speak up more in class and do readings on your own to better understand the topics. 

Even though getting a good grades is really important, don’t forget to have fun as well! Join CCAs and orientation camps to enrich your campus experience!

Jasmine and her fellow NBS (Nanyang Business School) friends
proudly wearing their NBS tees

Please share with us how you managed to apply the NTU degree/ scholarship. Did you consider other degrees / universities?

The application for the course was done together with the scholarship application online.  The school will call you up for an interview if you’re selected. 

I did consider going to NUS, but the 3-year direct honors at NTU was more appealing to me.

Share us some memories of yourselves / your friends / your life in SP when you were in DBIT

I had lots of fond memories with my friends! We are still very close and meet up with each other whenever possible.

I remember staying in SP until very late to complete projects and rewarding ourselves with supper after that. I was also involved in my CCA, Infocomm club and met a lot of good friends there as well.

Volunteering at a SAP event in SP with fellow SP friends


What do you like about the DBIT course? What do you think should be improved in the DBIT course?

I love how DBIT has provided me with the flexibility to choose from a wider range of career paths, but also a chance to set up my own e-commerce site.

Perhaps DBIT can focus more on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) so that students can understand how they can apply what they learnt in real life situations.

Can you share some encouraging words or advice for juniors who are in the DBIT course now, or aspiring secondary students who are interested to pursue a business or IT related course.

Seize the day! :)

If you’re interested in a particular field, i.e, IT, do what you can to learn more about it.  You can start young by reading up on business and technology news, creating your own html pages.

For those already in the course, continue to work hard and you will definitely succeed!
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