Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harbin continue...

It's snowing again!
I started my week healthily with strawberries. The strawberries here in Harbin are given nice name 牛奶草梅. For one reason, they taste milky and sweet. The strawberries here are so much cheaper than those you can get from Singapore.

This is the lunch that is served in a canteen near our office area. A meal that is very economical and tasty ,it cost around 4 to 8 Yuan depending on the sides.
For dinner, we normally grab food from the streets. This one of my favourite stall, it is a must-try food. Along the whole streets, this is one of the most popular stall! Look at the queue!
Another awesome stall! The dumplings have two different filling, pork and lamb. It is also very cheap, 12 dumplings for 4 Yuan. Less than a dollar...
During the weekend, we visited the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park. The park is located on the north bank of the Songhua River to the northwest of Harbin. It is the largest natural park for wild Siberian tigers in the world at present.
This tiger was ready for the camera. Everyone quickly took our cameras out and snap the "elegant” look of the tiger.

1 2 3 cheese!!!The ugly pose on the tiger sleeping.
Here comes the rest of the tiger trying to attack it!
After visiting the tiger park, we headed for some grocery shopping and this is what we found in the supermarket. INTERESTING POTATO CHIPS FLAVOUR. We are totally amazed as these flavours are not seen in Singapore.It have been an interesting trip for the past 3 weeks as we get to know more about Harbin culture and taste more of its delicacies.

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