Monday, March 26, 2012

OITP @ London (Day 16-20)

This whole week had been rather busy with our project, so haven't been exploring more of London.

So anyway on Friday, we followed Mr Richard to Canterbury as he was invited to be a guest speaker for a ‘Management’ lecture for the foundational course students.

Reached Canterbury. Visited the University of Kent after that.
A very crowded street at Canterbury

A library

Inside Canterbury Cathedral

Look at the detailed carvings!

Inside Canterbury Cathedral

Roof of Canterbury Cathedral


St Stephen Martyr 


A photo with Mr Richard! :)

We reached Canterbury in the morning and toured around the town. Mr Richard also brought us to one of England’s oldest cathedral – Canterbury Cathedral. I was awed by the majestic building that was very well crafted and built. When we entered the cathedral, we also very enticed by the rich history and furnishings, and we practically couldn’t stop clicking the shutter of our cameras! It was an enriching experience and I believe that this is something that we will never get to experience in Singapore.

After lunch, we went to University of Kent. The university was very different from the old town of Canterbury. This university is very modern looking and gives off the feeling of urban campus life. The area was also very spacious and it makes you feel really relaxed just strolling down the paths from buildings to buildings. We joined the foundational course students – who were roughly around our age – for the lecture conducted by Mr Richard.We really thankful that Mr Richard brought us on this trip to Canterbury.

Mr Richard teaching. :)

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