Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harbin part X...

When there is no one bringing us to anywhere during weekend, we will plan our day for shopping, explore more in Harbin! We ask Sharon, Leon Liu (our friendly and lovely Teacher Liu) for places where we can go shopping. For example: 果戈里大街, 红博世纪广场,远大购物中心 etc. There is a lot of Shopping Centre for us to shop! We always spent half a day on shopping.

Samantha and I brought a lot of clothes. The seller here tends to raise high the price of their clothes, we therefore have to budget with them. For example, if the seller said this shirt cost 128 RMB, by looking at the quality and appearance of the shirt, we somehow have a price for this shirt. This means that we only willing to pay certain amount of money for that shirt. Usually I like to budget until 45 or 50RMB. If the seller does not agree with this deal, then I will not buy it.

Pei Ying, Diana and Zhi Jie they do not like shopping as much as what Samantha and I do. Their interest is guitar and they managed to get a guitar for themselves. Pei Ying really like guitar a lot!!

The food here is really very nice, I ate a lot here. And this makes me worried, I wonder how much weight I will gained when I am back to SG (before I came to Harbin, I am 48kg. let’s see…..)

The cake shop here have a lot of variety of cake, bread, biscuit and muffin, they always look temptation to me. I wish I can try all of them at one-go. HAHA.Every morning, we follow the video to do some warming up and exercising. Some of the Harbin’s teachers also joined us. We have great fun!

The teacher here are all very friendly and humor, they are always approachable whenever we encounter problem, regardless of work or life. It’s great to know them! We even help the teacher by giving them an English name that suits them. Like teacher Liu, we give him an English name called, Leon Liu. For the other few teachers, they get their English name respectively, Victoria Wang, Melissa Huang, Ivan Dong and Jonson Zhou. In return, those teachers help Diana by giving her a Chinese name called:雯雪

31st is Pei Ying’s birthday! Victoria Wang brought a lot of snacks or Pei Ying as her birthday gift! WOW! We are envy. Once again, happy birthday to Pei Ying~~

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