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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #022 - Michelle Chin

Pretty in a small package!  That's my first impression of Year 3 DBIT student Michelle when I saw her for the first time.

Michelle may be petite, but with her big doeful eyes and long luscious black hair, she makes a great poster girl.

In fact, she IS the poster girl for DBIT! Have you seen her photo that is splashed all over the DBIT course website? Yes, in fact, she is so photogenic, she is featured not only in this photo below, but quite a few other photos in various SP sub-websites as well! :)

Interested to find out more about this dainty beauty? Read on!

Michelle's pretty face is featured
prominently on the DBIT course website

Michelle, can you tell us more about your school days in primary school and secondary school

Primary School

My primary school was Unity Primary School.

I think that primary school is still the best, when everybody is more friendly and there was nothing to worry about, except for studies. I was surrounded by friends even though I was a quiet person.  I remember how I was always laughing with my friends, enjoying the canteen food,  hanging out with them and even got to perform onstage once.

Can you spot the cute-looking Michelle in
her primary school photo? :)

While I was in primary school, I joined Chinese calligraphy and dance.

As I am a person who loves arts, I find Chinese calligraphy really enjoyable as I had the opportunity to learn to write chinese words with a brush and chinese painting. One thing that left me with a very deep impression is the time I learnt how to paint cherry blossoms.  After that lesson, I started borrowing book related to Chinese calligraphy painting. However I stopped learning Chinese calligraphy when I was in Primary 5 due to studies. Calligraphy is not as easy as it seems. Holding a brush in Chinese calligraphy is different from how we hold a pen and the writing is done on rice paper which will spread the ink. Therefore, one has to be gentle yet exert right amount of pressure while maintaining the posture which requires concentration and patience.

Michelle's Chinese Calligraphy painting

Secondary School

In my secondary school - Westwood Secondary School, I did not have interest in any CCA but I joined Guzheng.  At first, I did not like it that much, but when I finally learnt how to play a simple song, I started to find it really fun.  I also got to learn how to read the music score for Guzheng .  But just like Chinese calligraphy, it is not easy as the gap in between the string is not big and I tended to get confused due to the numerous strings on the Guzheng instrument.  A Guzheng has 18 to 23 or more strings!  Beside this, I experienced difficulty in pressing down the string.   Sometimes, it felt really tiring playing the Guzheng as I had to exert a great deal of force to press and hold the strings to play the notes.

Share some memorable moments of your childhood with family or friends

Some memorable moments with my family
  1. I went on a cruise on Star Virgo with my family for 3 days.  It was a really enjoyable time for us as we enjoyed the night scenery together as a family while gazing into the sky and the beautiful stars above us.
  2. Another memorable trip was when I went to Genting with my family.  I really enjoyed having a break with my family members, doing nothing but eat, sleep and having fun at the theme park. 

Share some memorable moments of your teenage years

The most memorable events for me all date back to my days in Secondary school.   In my Secondary school, I met a group of friends whom I was always able to find joy with.

We spent our recess sessions together and always had a topic to chat with one another about. There was joy everyday without fail. We always went to the nearest shopping center after school and camped at each other’s house overnight.

These sessions brought me a sense of belonging and I knew I had someone there to support me. They were like my family.  This may seem normal, plain and boring to you guys, but to me it is alot.  As my family is not rich, they have to spend lots of time working, and I do not get to have lots of family time together with them.

Why did you choose DBIT course?

I choose DBIT course because I was interested in business and i thought that it will be more on business than IT. My classmates also give the same answer as I am too xD

Share your likes and dislikes

My Likes:

1. K-Pop music,

2. Playing Piano

3. Drawing

4. Photo Shopping

5. Dressing up

6. Marble Slab Ice cream

My Dislikes:

1. Rock Music

2. Scolding

3. Slimy food

4. Sports

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths:

· Sympathetic
· Helpful

My weaknesses

· Anxious
· Timid

What do you plan to do after graduation from SP? 

I plan to work and attend university at the same time if can .

What is your ambition in life?

My ambition in life is to travel to other country with beautiful scenery with my loved ones.

What are your favorite modules in SP?

My favorite modules will those which require the use of Adobe Photoshop. I really enjoy the process of doing my assignments for modules that use Photoshop though to complete the assignments can sometimes be very challenging.  For example, the photos that we use have to be taken by ourselves which is quite tedious because what we have in mind, may not be easy to find in Singapore.

Share your experience and tips about transiting from secondary school to polytechnic

Secondary School and Poly Year 1
For me, it was harder to adapt as in secondary school, I had more time to bond.  In polytechnic, alot of time is used for doing projects. Friends tend to be colder in polytechnic.

Tip:  Good time management is essential.  It is ok not to have a lot of friends; quality is more important.  Find a good friend that you can confide in, rather than a variety.

Do you have best / good friends in SP??

I have a few good friends in Singapore polytechnic who I can share my secrets with them and confide in them in times of need.

Please share some pictures of your past projects

(Digital Visual Design Assignment 2 )

(Web Client Development Assignment 1 )

(Interactive Media Digital )

And here's more photos of the pretty gal for you to admire! :)

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