Thursday, May 23, 2013

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

We celebrated another joyous occasion on last Thursday 16 May 2013 as we send off another batch of successful Diploma in Business IT graduates, the Class Of 2013!

Since DBIT was launched in the year of 2001, that makes them the 10th official graduated DBIT batch!


I gathered a ton of photos of the happy faces of our lovely graduates and sought their approval to post them here, so less of my talk and more of the pics!  :)

Thanks to all whom have given me your kind permission to post the photos which I have taken from your Facebook profile :  Kingston, Shihui,  Samantha, Diana, Rafidah, Xinyi, and Peiying.

Credits to Rafidah
Class of 2013 - Rafidah, Samantha and Vaish!

Credits to Diana

Credits to Chen Xin Yi

Credits to Shihui -  3B03
Credits to Samantha
Samantha and friends with DBIT Course Chairman - Ms Lim Kim Ying

Credits to Pei Ying

Credits to Shihui
Shihui and friends with Mr Justin Monreal

Credits to Kingston
Kingston and his friends with DMIT Director, Ms Georgina Phua

Credits to Shihui.
Shihui is the top DBIT student for Class of 2013!
In this photo,
she is flanked by the Principal cum CEO of SP, Mr Tan Choon Shian

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