Thursday, August 9, 2012

NEGC 2012

What and Why is NEGC?

NEGC stands for National Education Gaming Competition and it is the first formal gaming competition that Nexus, MINDEF in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, is organizing to engage youths.

The NEGC is a fun and engaging way for youths to discover what the Third Generation SAF is about. It also allows youths, especially the boys, to learn about defense and National Service before enlistment. 

Virtual Battle-space 2 (VBS2) is the official game used in NEGC. It is a PC-based virtual simulation training software used to train soldiers in the SAF (the game-play is similar to counter-strike but with add-ons such as stamina system and real-time responsive Multi-player platform).

SP DMIT - Team 1

We had 20 players (students from different diploma in DMIT) altogether and the lecturer in-charge separated us into 2 teams - Team 1 and Team 2. I was belong to Team 1 (Team Marauders).
The team leader, Danny Lim De Yuan managed the team and gave us the roles, according to our interest and strength in the game. Not only that, the friends who are in the same class as him also gave us (from Year 1 to Year 2) valuable advice as well.

In the process, we managed to defeat a lot of teams from secondary schools. But, in the end, we lost to NYP (who is the current champion). However, we somehow reached to Top 16 and received the cheque of $500 & a Top 16 trophy. 
As a team, even though we lost, it is the friendship and cooperation that each member made and contribute in the end - which is the most precious one.

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