Friday, August 10, 2012

Entertainment Marketing

My friend, Jinan and I went to this workshop on Entertainment Marketing and Promotion, which was organized by the agency (CASS). Our lecturer, Ms Dora Chua helped us to register to it where we got a chance to expose to a whole area of marketing techniques that are very different from what we learnt in Year 1: Social media Marketing. The duration of the workshop lasted for 5 days, in which we need to prepare a marketing plan and presented in the 5th day.

Before the first lesson, we were called back by the agency's person-in-charge: Ms Pam Fang Ruiting. She conducted a briefing to us, so as to prepare ourselves to face the professor and other necessary rules and regulation in the workshop. She differentiated both of us into 2 separate groups, so as to give us a chance to work with new people and gain good teamwork experience.

Professor's Bio
The professor who taught us the entertainment marketing is Prof Cory O Connor. He worked for Watt Disney for 20 years and another movie company for another 20 years as the President of Marketing and Promotions. After that, he retired and is now working as a university professor 5 years ago till now. 

Here are the group photos after our presentation on the 5th Day of the workshop:
Jinan's Group
My Group
Class Photo
Throughout the 5 days of the professor's teaching about Entertainment Marketing, Jinan and I learnt a lot from him. We also made some new friends with the students from the agency and as well as Prof Cory himself in classroom and in twitter. We were very grateful of what we learnt from them and hoped that we could go to the agency again to learn new things. :-)

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