Monday, May 14, 2012

My experience organising the SITF (Singapore IT Federation) Interactions Seminar on 26 April 2012!

Hi everyone!

Especially for the year 2s, how was the SITF Seminar? Have you learnt something from that seminar?
The event was attended by more than 200 people and we activated almost 50 helpers to assist!

Oh, before I forget!  Let me introduce myself, I am Eng Zhao Wei, Year 2 student of DBIT and Secretary of Social Media Angels-Special Interest Group!

I am the also organising chairman of the SITF Interactions seminar which is a joint collaboration between DMIT, SITF (Singapore IT Federation) and ARO (Alumni Relations Office).   If you are interested to know more about me, you can check me out at Facebook! (

So you must be wondering, what am I going to talk about for the rest of my post?  Well, I am not going to talk to you about Business Analytics or even something regarding to IT or Business. Then, you may ponder, in that case, what is this post all about?

Actually it is about my experience organizing and managing this seminar! Before I start, thank you Ms Dora for giving me this chance and a lot of help in organising the seminar by sacrificing her time! I also want to thank Ms Kim Ying, chairman of DBIT for supporting this event.  Thank you!

Overall, I think this is a great experience for me to manage such a big event of over 200 people. As I learned how to communicate and work with people with different set of skills, learned how to outsource duties to my team and helpers and even to other SP club.

A big thank you to Emcee Club for sending one of their beauty emcee to help me for this event! :p

Although the process is tedious, organising something is a great test of our leadership and flexibilities and can also be fun at the same time. During the process of planning to executing and even on the day itself, there were many changes and I had to challenge myself to solve different kinds of problems that fell upon us.  Even with a lot of planning beforehand, things can still go wrong on the actual day, due to unexpected situations.  For example,  we ran out of chairs that day and there was also some miscommunication among the team.

This seminar would not be a success without my team of student organizers! I alone could not achieve anything without them. That’s the beauty of doing things in a team!

I would like to introduce my team of friends that helped me organise this event

Overall in-charge of helpers: Huimin Loh (
Logistic In-charge: Devin Tan (, Vixson Yap (
Usher In-charge: Liu Jianghao (
Publicity In-charge: Kelvin Tan Yong Rui (

Kenneth! Our helpful logistic helper!

Our cheerful ushers!

Wow! Look at the crowd! Can you find your friends? :P

A crowd of DBIT anyone familiar?
Queuing up at the registration counter

Not to forget all the helpers that helps me in ushering the guest or the logistics! Thank you all of you too :)

That’s all folks!

Best Regards
Eng Zhao Wei

NOTE: Here are the photos of the SITF event

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