Friday, May 18, 2012

DBIT Students in InnovateIT Competition

We congratulate all DBIT students who participated in the recently concluded DBIT competition in Singapore Management University (SMU)

For those who may not be familiar, InnovateIT is a business IT competition organised by the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University. Teams had to pitch their idea of using  IT to improve business value in a fun and engaging manner. This year's theme was in improving healthcare in Singapore through IT.

This year's competition was very competitive with over 40 teams from various Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, and ITEs competing. Only 9 teams made the final with 3 teams chosen as winner. 

We are happy to note despite intense competition, One DBIT team made the final. Their idea was a Exelife, an accelerometer enabled wristband which detects exercise and lets users save money by rewarding points based on the amount of exercise.  

Shi Hui, one of the DBIT finalists mentioned: "Though we didn't get to the final 6, we were glad to make it to the finals to present to the judges and crowd".

From left to right, Shi Jie, Eve, and Shi Hui pitching their idea during the final round of competition (in the packed auditorium)

Vaishnavi, Eileen, Xuan Jin looking relaxed as they prepare to pitch their idea before the judges.

In behalf of all DBIT lecturers and students, we are proud of you all!


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