Thursday, January 12, 2012

We're DBIT 1st Start-Up company awarded with 50K from Spring Singapore

YAWN! YAWN! I was busy clearning my emails yesterday, and chance upon a "JUNK" email from my ex-students (how nice they still remember the pretty Kim from DBIT. LOL!!!) wishing me "Happy Chinese New Year!"

With a smile, immediately I can remember I taught the three musketeers during their Year 1 studies in Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT).
Chng Siang Sheng, Royston Ong Kang Hao and Suresh Kumar Sarad

I can still remember the joy and happiness when the boys set up an online advertising platform for gamers and bloggers, an idea that won support from both Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and SPRING Singapore. The trio’s proposal proved so good that they were granted the full amount of $50,000 (I work a life-time to have 50K, sigh!!!) in funding assistance to start their business.

You can check out their website and Facebook. To the three musketers, "Wishing them the Best in Creed Media!"

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