Thursday, January 12, 2012

1st DBIT GPA 4.0 student! (at the moment, LOL!!!)

Hello, I’m Shi Hui, Year 2 Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) student. How do I achieve and still maintain my GPA @ 4.0, right? Hehehe! So, paiseh!

OK, allow me to share with you some tips that may help you in doing well in DBIT.

#1 Set Goals for individual modules and GPA

#2 Listen in class

#3 Don’t understand what the lecturer is teaching? ASK. (Psst! Shi Hui likes to ask Kim, until Kim blur-blur!)

#4 Study

#5 Don’t do your project last minute

However, above are just pointers from my own poly. experience… So what will work on you best, you have to discover it for yourself! However, besides doing well academically, it will be good for you to enjoy some poly life. There are many opportunities in poly, and you should make use of the opportunities available to you! Maybe I will share with you some experiences I’ve gained from my study so far.

In year 1, I was very inactive in many areas, in fact, I don’t have a regular cca and I don’t intend to do anything about my cca points. All I can think of was just to do well academically in poly. I was so inactive till I only had 4 points for cca at the end of my year 1.

Because I was placed in the SPOT programme (check out about it here @, we were encouraged to take up NYAA (National Youth Achievement Award). SPOT programme provided me with many opportunities, such as a fully sponsored leadership camp at Telunas, Indonesia. Besides that, SPOT programme also provide us with other opportunities – sponsored tours to exhibitions, seminars, etiquette classes, public speaking classes, and many more. If you’re able to get into SPOT, do give it a shot!

I also signed up for overseas service learning trip to Inner Mongolia in order to complete my 'Residential Project’ component. The overseas service learning trip I participated in September 2011, was so fun and never did I once regret signing up for it! It was a really good experience to be able to do a part for the community (though our effort may not be that big).

What I did at Inner Mongolia was to plant trees (it was part of an effort in “building” the “Green Great Wall” to combat sandstorm and desertification problem). Besides the service learning part, I’ve also got to experience many other things(If you’re interested, you may refer to the
blog post

My year 2 is coming to an end soon, now it’s already the last term. I can tell you that my year 2 was so much more enriching than year 1, and I’m really glad that I’ve decided to ‘open up’ to available opportunities in poly. So remember to prioritize your time between academics and school activities, I believe you’ll do well (academically or as a person) and have fun at the same time!

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