Friday, December 16, 2011

DBIT First Year. Preparing Students For the Future.

Social media, design, and the internet revolution are global trends which provide tremendous business potential and job opportunities here and abroad.

. In DBIT first year, students take a module called Social Media Marketing which teaches the how to use social media channels such as Facebook to develop marketing campaigns. In fact, during their module, students applied their knowledge to real businesses!

Below is the facebook campaign created for Lavida Florist by our very own DBIT Student

You can see that the students, not only created the facebook page, but also went to the extent of using facebook advertisement, flyers, and manually posting links in websites. The result was a spike in the number of unique visitors, and online interactions, providing real value for the business.

This is another example of how the power of technology can be used to help a business!

Aside from
social media, first year DBIT students in the first year learn the tools to create professional websites and beautiful graphics. They learn thes skills two modules: Web Client Development, and Digital Visual Design. Below are a few examples of the great artistic output !

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