Thursday, December 15, 2011

Empowering Business: iPhone Business Apps by DBIT Students

Recent articles in major newspapers have shown the tremendous growth and opportunity of mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad . I think this is further evidence of what Steve Jobs coined "the Post PC Era".

It is good to note that in the DBIT course, students have the opportunity to learn mobile apps as it has incredible use in business. Yesterday, I discussed a DBIT final year project where DBIT students developed a mobile "Green" app. Recently, our DBIT students have developed iOS apps which have amazing potential to transform a business. One such app is SP Raffle.

SP Raffle potentially allows any store vendor to heighten their presence and increase sales via mobile coupons. For users, once the app is downloaded to their iOS device, users can receive deals to purchase products or services at a discounted price or participate in events. Truly an exciting example of Business and IT Synergy at work! Congratulations to all the members for producing this.

Below are screen shots of the SP Raffle app

Aside from SP Raffle App, another group of students developed an Singapore's heritage iPhone App. Functions include capability to provide location based searches for heritage sites. Integration with GPS and maps. Capability to search the best routes, and buses to take. If that was not enough, the app also show the best food places in Singapore (very useful for tourists!) and linked it with twitter and blogger. Truly impressive work!

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