Saturday, August 16, 2014

AY1415s1 DBIT Final Year Projects (FYP) Showcase

After 4 months of hard work and stress, our Year 3 DBIT students can finally heave a sigh of relief as they have just concluded their Final Year Projects yesterday (15 Aug 2014).

A total of 16 groups exhibited their projects in two rooms, T2136 and T2137, in various creative ways.

For example, Group 3B94, an all-girls consortium led by leader Low Zhi Xian  made their own "banner" to stand out.

DIY 'Banner' made by the girls from 3B94 and hung at their booth
From left: Zhixian, Jia Jie, Yi Qian, Vivien and Christina

Group 3B81 headed by leader Tabitha Tan, grabbed attention with a standing LCD TV. The TV was used to display the real-time comments that were created as the group members demonstrated their project to their visitors.

Booth setup by group 3B81 members
Tabitha, Ashley, Yuanrong and Weixuan
What was surprising was that even the all-guys group like 3B85,  put much thought into the way they wanted their booth to look. Mustaqim, the group leader, together with his other members chose to decorate their booth with artifacts like toy aeroplanes and a shield. The artifacts serve to remind visitors that the group has developed a useful app to benefit the travel insurance industry.

Mustaqim's group cheerfully posing with their booth exhibits
Their client, Mr Rio (first from left) also came to support them.

Group 3B90 consisting of group leader, Cedric Ng and group members, Sylvia, Xuan Yi, Zheng An and Jeric came up with a rather unique way to present their project.  While most of the other groups had one or at most two laptops placed at their booths to demonstrate the application they had developed, this group had 5 laptops!  Why so many laptops you ask? Their project is a web application which allows their client to implement a simple ticketing system for their volunteers who help to write letters to help the community.  The group wanted to show that there are 5 primary log-in types who would use the system. Hence, they designated a laptop for each log-in type to clearly show the difference.  A pretty good idea I must say!

Four of the log-in types of the app from left:
Story Writer, Manager, Letter Writer, Deputy
Another role, Counter Admin is not visible in this photo

3B87 group leader, Sally Chin with her group members displayed a T-shirt, attractive posters with a red and white theme to match the theme of their project, "Heartlands", which is a website that users can upload their own designs of Singapore neighbourhood and tell their 'stories' behind their designs.

3B87's eye-catching booth which
displayed artifacts that reminds one
of Singapore's friendly Heartlands

Want more photos of this event? Check out our Facebook Album at this link!

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