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The MetroDBITan student series: Issue #030 - Lee Wei Yan

How has your holidays been treating you guys so far? :) 

Well, while all of you are busy catching up with your Running Man, dramas, etc, Wei Yan is busy in school training to be a good Group Leader for the upcoming Freshman Orientation Camp! 

Wei Yan, just like most of you, have been though a lot within just her first year in DBIT but despite that, she is very hardworking and displays much enthusiasm in the DMIT club by helping out in SP's Open House and the upcoming FOC.

Another thing about Wei Yan that captured me was how much she has changed from Primary School up until now. Let us get down to her experiences before I give too much away!

Q: How was life like in primary school?
I studied in Seng Kang Primary School and, unlike many students, my primary school life was filled with insecurities and self-consciousness because back then, I was fat. This resulted in constant discrimination from my peers and I was always alone. This also made me afraid of meeting new people and therefore I didn’t participate in any CCA. However, in Primary 4, I was very determined to slim down. I cut down on my carbohydrate intake and reduced my meal size, which honestly wasn’t a healthy choice. Soon enough, I managed to slim down.

My primary 6 class photo!

Q: How was life in secondary school?
I moved over the Seng Kang Secondary School and even though I was at an acceptable weight upon entering secondary school, I still felt very self-conscious about my own weight. It was this one girl, who I am still close to up until now, that gave me self-confidence and convinced me that I wasn’t fat and that I was at an acceptable weight. In addition to that, she lives really near me so we always have sleepovers and heart-to-heart talks. This further strengthened our friendship and even now, despite her being in Temasek Polytechnic and me being in Singapore Polytechnic, we still meet up with each other quite often. I will occasionally visit her at TP and stay over at her place to study together.

Back in secondary school, I was in Red Cross. Apart from learning first aid, I also learnt many skills like outdoor survival skills like setting up our own fire, etc. I learned how to plan camps too!

Trip to Perth with my Secondary School mates

Friends I made on the trip to Perth.

Prom Night!

Q: What were the most memorable moments in your teenage years?
One of the most memorable moments for me was when I because the vice chairperson of Red Cross. It came to me as a huge shock because there were so many people in the CCA and the competitions to be a vice chairperson were stiff. Even so, being a vice chairperson wasn’t an easy task. I was required to lead a lot and plan a lot of events. This, however, changed me a lot as a person because in the past, I was someone who wouldn’t talk to anyone if they didn’t approach me first, much less lead people. But after becoming a vice chairperson of Red Cross, I was technically forced to lead and plan out activities. In addition to that, I was a student councillor. These, therefore, are what made me who I am today.

Q: Out of so many courses, why did you choose DBIT?
Well, I chose DBIT because back then, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take up Business or IT and so my brother introduced this course to me because he himself is studying in this course, but in Nanyang Polytechnic. He told me that Singapore Polytechnic’s DBIT would be better than Nanyang’s because Nanyang’s had too much IT while SP’s is 50/50.

Q: Why not share with us some of your likes and dislikes?
I love Hello Kitty!!! Almost everything I own has a hint of Hello Kitty on it. I even went to queue to for the McDonalds Hello Kitty toys!

I also love hamsters! I’ve been keeping hamsters even since I was in Primary school and my current hamster should be my 6th. I once tried letting my hamsters mate but they ended up giving birth uncontrollably! I felt so bad having to separate the couple but if I didn't, I could be selling hamsters by now!

As for my music preferences, I don’t exactly have a favourite singer but most of the songs I listen to are the Taylor Swift kind of music.

Q: What are your ambitions for the future?
I do not have any ambitions as of now but my current goal would be to get into a local university and that is why I am working for a 3.85GPA although I know that it is really tough. I am not too sure whether I would like to go into business or IT in the future but as of now, I am quite satisfied with the modules that I am taking and IT modules like Java doesn’t seem like a chore to me.

Q: How would you describe yourself in 4 words?
1) Cheerful
2) Responsible
3) Sociable
4) Procrastinator

Q: What are a few things/people that inspire you?

Nick Vujicic
Unlike all of us, Nick Vujicic was born without limbs. However, instead of complaining and getting upset about how unfair it is, he has learnt how to accept his plight and be grateful despite it. His determination is what inspires me. It has helped him overcome much more obstacles than we can ever imagine. Even when he is faced with challenges and mistakes, he never backs down and keeps on keeping on. He is a role model to me for he teaches me to show my determination and passion in everything that I do. He has also taught me to not give up even when we make mistakes because everyone makes mistakes. Instead of getting beaten up by our mistakes, we should learn from it and improve from there.

Katie Piper
Katie Piper was a model before experiencing an acid attack. This acid attack resulted in her getting disfigured and blind in one eye. She inspires me because she is so strong. Despite suffering greatly emotionally and physically, she chose to be positive about it decided that she should start a foundation to help people experiencing what she experienced. I feel that if she can overcome such a huge obstacle and use her experience to help others, we, too, can do the same. Therefore, she is a huge inspiration to me because she has taught me that no matter what challenges/fears I face in life, I should be courageous and overcome it.

Q: What are your favourite modules in DBIT?
My favourite modules are SMM, DVDE and Java. 

I love SMM because it gives me a chance to interact with real-time companies and try out new things. In addition to that, I have a very helpful lecturer, Ms Dora, which will help us whenever we face any difficulties. 
As for Java, I feel that coding is really interesting because you really have to think the logic through and the answers vary. 
And lastly for DVDE, I’ve always loved art and designing so this is a really good time for me to unleash my creativity and design whatever I like.

Q: Do you have any good friends in poly?
My good friends in Polytechnic are Claris and Sauching. They are very supportive of me, especially when I face problems. We also always stay up together to finish our assignments.

Q: Since you’re single, what do you look for in a guy?
Responsible and willing to learn. Even if he was from ITE, I wouldn’t mind as long as I know that he is willing to learn and is ambitious.

A few pictures of past her projects!


SMM poster

More photos of her!

With my friends!

My lovely sister
My sister's graduation

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