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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #028 - Amelia Koh

Happy 2014 everyone!

Before we know it, another year has gone by, and we are proud to say we are now into issue #028 of our popular MetroDBITan series that features our cool guys and lovely gals from the Diploma in Business Information Technology!

In our first issue of this new year, we present to you pretty Amelia Koh from DBIT 1A22!

With her twinkling smile, sweet voice and gentle nature, Amelia is well-liked by her peers.  In addition, she is a very responsible and helpful gal who puts in her best whenever given a task!  One of her talents is in arts-and-crafts! In a fund-raising project last year, Amelia single-handedly made more than 50 Pyssla Bead keychains and helped to raise more than $300!

I cannot stop raving about this girl, but I know all of you want to read her first-hand account of herself, so let's go! :)

Tell us about your life in primary school!

I will never forget the days spent in White Sands Primary School. Those days when we are not afraid of making mistakes, falling down and just have fun.

I always loved Mathematics because I prefer doing more calculative things to those which requires a lot of memory work. This is why I am in this course.

I made many close friends in primary school friends, and till now, we are still keeping in close contact. For the past two years, they have been celebrating my birthday with me. I’m really blessed to have them in my life.

In Primary School, I joined Brownies as my CCA. I chose this CCA under my mother's influence and I've never regretted joining. In Brownies, I've been to many camps and experienced outdoor cooking using mesh tins and learnt how to start up the fire. We also sold cookies. (The cookies tasted amazing). It was indeed a memorable experience!

Amelia with her primary school friends

What about your life in Secondary School?

I was from Coral Secondary School. Unlike majority, my secondary school life wasn’t very smooth-sailing. But I’m still thankful for some friends who stayed by me during those tough times.

Secondary 4 class photo

Just like primary school, I loved Mathematics (E-Maths and A-Maths) because it requires more practicing rather than memorising. I also enjoy Chinese lessons, firstly because that’s one of my stronger subjects and secondly, my classmates who made Chinese less boring.

My CCA was Chinese Orchestra – I played the Yangqin!

I joined this CCA under my elder sister’s influence as she plays the Erhu in her Secondary school too.

Supposedly, I wanted to learn the same instrument as her, but as funny as it can be, the instructor said I’ve small hands so I ended up playing the Yangqin.

Because of Chinese Orchestra, I was given the opportunity to attend the Music Talent Development Centre (MTDC) programme in 2010, sponsored by the government.

Through this programme, I managed to brush up my Yangqin skills and performed public in 2011 with the Orchestra.

After graduation, I continued playing the Yangqin.

I even accompanied my elder sister to Simei Community Centre to perform for Mooncake Festival.

Share some memorable moments of childhood

Sure, I will let pictures do the talking! Here are some photos of myself when I was young :)

Share some memories of your teenage years!

I took Biology in secondary school, and together with the rest of my fellow Biology school-mates, we had the privilege to go to Semakau landfill for a learning journey. It was a memorable experience because we got to see the sunrise, unique creatures and be closer to nature.


What's one of the best ways to celebrate graduation from secondary school and a start to a new phase in life? Prom night in 2012 was one of my most memorable moments before I embarked on my new journey in polytechnic.

Here's a picture of me and my colleagues during my working stint in Pizza Hut.

Working at Pizza Hut was a memorable experience because I’ve become more outgoing and willing to speak to strangers. I've also learnt that earning money isn’t easy. I also met many nice friends and colleagues there too.

Why did you choose DBIT course?

I chose DBIT course because I have an interest in both Business and IT. So far, I have never regretted joining this course.

Share your likes and dislikes 
I have a few hobbies.

I’ve always love playing instruments and I got my hands with many instruments, for e.g. Yangqin, piano, ukulele, guitar. I am glad that I have the chance to be part of the Chingay 2013 Ukulele Contingent. From then, I usually spend my free time to play the ukulele, and as a getaway from my school work.

Playing ukulele at Chingay

I love baking too!

Here are the movies and music I like!
  • Movies – Frozen, Pitch Perfect and Step Up
  • Music – English, Chinese, Korean

And there's too much food that I love to be listed, so here’s a collage for it instead!

What do you plan to do after graduation from SP?
Get a degree that is related to Interactive Media

What is your ambition in life?
Strive to do the best and live with no regrets

Share an event which is memorable to you, whether it is a very proud moment to you, a happy moment to you, a sad moment to you, a scary moment etc.

Proud moment
The Pyssla Beads Fundraising that I’m in-charged in. I would say it’s very memorable because after weeks of hard work, we managed to sell almost all of the key chains, and earned quite a lot for the Vietnamese and the old folks.

Happy moment
My 17th Birthday was a very memorable one. It was the first time many of my friends celebrated my birthday.

Sad moment
I remembered there’s a time when I didn’t lived up to my own expectations, and felt sad over it for some time.

Scary moment
My first water ride in Adventure Cove – It was so scary yet thrilling after the ride.

Some of the really pretty Pyssla beads Amelia made!

Describe yourself with four different words

When I’m tasked to do something, I will put in my effort to do what I am supposed to do. Even if the results are not the best, at least I know I did my best and I can do even better the next time.

I’m actually a very shy person when I first meet new people. But once I opened up, I am really a playful kid who likes to have fun and joke around with my friends. I feel contented when the people around me enjoy my presence as much as I do.

I can be very indecisive especially when it comes to decision making. I get swayed by different opinions very easily. That’s one of my negative points that I should really change. It can get very frustrating when I can’t make up my mind.

To be honest, I am very timid especially when I’m alone. I don’t usually approach someone I first met unless I had to. I would say Poly shaped me into a braver person who is more willing to create small talks with strangers. I won’t be able to do it without my family and friends’ support.

What inspires you?

My family

Whenever I had troubles, they will always be there to give me advices on what to do. Thank you, for loving me and staying by me even though I can be very playful and stubborn.

Tuesdays with Morrie

I don’t have the habit of reading books but once I read this book, it’s very difficult to stop reading it. It inspired me to be a better person and be more appreciative with the things I have now.

"We...need to forgive ourselves...For all the things we didn't do. All the things we should have done. You can't get stuck on the regrets of what should have happened." ― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie.

Glee – Tv series
It relates to my real life experience and taught me how to deal with it sometimes. The music also inspires me as I find that the lyrics are very meaningful.

Have you travelled anywhere before? 

Yes, I have travelled to two countries so far. Malaysia and Vietnam.

The first time that I’ve been to Malaysia was in 2008, when I was Primary 6, which was after my PSLE. I went there with my family.

First trip

The second time was in 2011, Secondary 3, for a Learning Journey to Taman Negara.

2nd trip

The third time was in this year 2013, for the LEAP Foundation Camp at Kota Tinggi. For all trips that I’ve been to, I went there by a coach.

Third Trip

Finally, I got the chance to take a plane, to Vietnam, for an Overseas Community Service. I would say I love all of my overseas experiences.

What are your favourite modules in SP?

My favourite modules so far would be Social Media Marketing (SMM), Digital Visual Design (DVDE) and Web Client Development (WCD).

SMM allows me to interact with real-life business companies and brainstorm on ideas based on customers’ mindset.

I've always wanted to learn Photoshop and coding of webpages from scratch since young. Hence, I enjoy both modules.


What are you hoping to learn in Year 2 and Year 3?
I am hoping to learn more modules that are related to designing as that’s what interests me most.

Share your experience and tips about transiting from secondary school to poly.
As compared to an introvert and timid girl, after almost a year in poly, I became more confident and outspoken.

Who are your good friends in SP? 


Roxanne, Clare and Ruifeng are my close friends in poly.  Without them, life in poly will be even tougher.

Vietnam Trip Friends

I’m glad to be a part of YEP MELT3 Vietnam. Being the youngest in the trip, I’m thankful that they all took great care of me and tolerated my nonsense even until now. They all made a great impact in a life.

Do you work part-time while studying?
No, I don’t work part-time while studying.

However, before I started polytechnic, I worked at Changi Airport Terminal 1’s Pizza Hut.

I never regretted there because I had lots of good memories with the people I worked with.

Please share 3 pictures of your past projects / assignments

DVDE Photoshop poster

SMM Butter Studio’s InstaSupperMeet Poster

WCD Project

Are you attached? What qualities do you look for in a partner?
Nope! ☺

Knowing each other really well and have common interests, someone whom I can be who I really am, and is really humorous!

Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming. How do you normally spend CNY? How would you spend it this year? 

It’s a tradition for my family to have reunion dinner. This year, we will be having our reunion dinner at my father’s restaurant.

During CNY, we will visit my grandmother’s house (father’s side) on the first day of Chinese New Year, and as of the subsequent days of CNY (and weekends), we’ll visit my relatives on my mother’s side.

Valentine’s Day is next month.  What is your ideal way of spending V-Day?
My ideal way of spending Valentine’s Day will be to celebrate with my loved ones such as family members and friends.

Please share more photos of yourself!

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