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Win an Internship in Australia, courtesy of Moove Media!

Fourteen DBIT Year 1 with CEAM qualities

In Dec 2012, a group of fourteen Year 1 students received an email from me to invite them to sign up for a competition known as "Young Business Talent 2013".

As I explained to them in the email, I approached them because they had shown outstanding CEAM qualities during their Social Media Marketing lessons and thus, have been identified as highly suitable candidates to join this very interesting event.  What are the CEAM qualities that I discovered in them?  Well, you can refer to the slide below to find out! :)

About Moove Media

But on with the main topic of this blog post -- the meeting they had with Moove Media executives (, the organisers of the competition I was talking about.

But first, an introduction about Moove Media first!
  • Moove Media is an advertising agency that focuses on creative outdoor advertising – you can find their ads on buses, taxis, rail stations, bus interchanges etc. 
  • Moove Media is a subsidiary of the leading cab company we all know very well as “Comfort Taxi”! 

If you have seen “cardboard cows” like these below, you have seen one  of the funky advertisement platforms that Moove Media promotes! :)

About the Young Business Talent competition

Now that you have some idea of who is the organiser of the competition, let's get ahead with the details of the competition itself!

The competition requires the students to form a team of four persons.  Each team will need to commit a total of 3 days in March 2013:
    • Week 1 of March – 1 day
    • Week 2 of March – 1 day
    • Week 3 of March – 1 day
Each participating team will be given a list of companies that they can choose one from.

The objective of the competition is to come up with a comprehensive plan to brand and market the company they have picked!

At the end of the three days, each team will pitch their marketing plan, be put in an unknown market-place such as a shopping mall, try to sell the products they have picked to market to try to achieve as much sales as they can! Based on the best performing team in terms of profits earned and other criteria, a final winner will be chosen.

An internship to AUSTRALIA!

So what are the prizes they stand to win? To be honest, I am so deeply jealous of them because the top prize is so attractive and I can't join it! Haha, just kidding, I will be so proud of these Year 1 students if they do beat the other contestants to emerge the winner! Mind you, the competition is very strong!

The top prize is a fully paid one-week Internship at Moove Media's Australian office and the most exciting part is that the students get to showcase their work at highly populated places such as MRT stations etc.  Wow, they will be FAMOUS! ;)

Something to make one even more envious: all the participants, regardless whether they win or not, will be treated to a movie of the blockbuster Iron Man III when it is released in May 2013!   What's more, they get to choose a partner to watch the show with them!!!

The Magic 4 get to watch this for free with a partner!

Selected students

Sounds like a really awesome competition, doesn't it!  The sad part is that although I invited fourteen students to join the competition, I could eventually only select four persons to take part. :(

To those students who wanted to join, but could not, I deeply apologise to you and thank you for your interest! I would definitely call you up again if there are similar opportunities okay!

But meanwhile, let's introduce the "Magic 4"  -- Wei Xuan, Sally, Yihan and Imran! :)

Yup, they were the ones whom were eventually picked to participate in the competition, and they are really thrilled that they were given this opportunity. In fact, one of the girls, Sally, kept smiling and telling me, "I feel so honoured, I feel so happy!".

And they are called the "Magic 4" because eventually, they are going to create "magic" with their creativity to brand and market the given products in the short 3 days period, for both themselves and the company product.

From left: Lovely Miss Juliana (Moove Media),  Pretty DBIT gals Sally and Yihan,
Dashing Mr Jed (Moove Media),  Bubbly Ms Junice, Head of Marketing (Moove Media),
"Sexy" Wei Xuan and Imran

If you are wondering why I said Wei Xuan and Imran are "Sexy" in the photo caption above, its because at our first meeting with the lovely Moove Media team on Wednesday, Ms Junice made each of them answer a question and as a prize, let them pick a random "secret" Moove Media badge with a tagline to keep.  Guess which badge did the two guys pick?

The "SEXY" one of course! ;)

Wei Xuan with his "SEXY badge"

A close-up of the "SEXY" badge

Wei Xuan and Imran showing off
why they deserve the SEXY badge! ;)

At the meeting, Ms Junice, Miss Juliana and Mr Jed gave a comprehensive and lively briefing of the details of the competition and got the students really excited.

Here's a couple of the briefing and if you want more, read on to the end of this blog post! ;)

Ms Junice starting off the briefing

Followed by Miss Juliana
Followed by Jed with the last part of the presentation

So what's the next plan?

So do the students need to do any pre-preparation before the actual three days?

Apparently not.  Everything is impromptu and will test the students' on-the-spot creativity and marketing abilities during the three days.  But I have great confidence in these students' abilities to deliver, since in SP's DBIT course, the students receive authentic learning experiences by planning and executing real-life marketing campaigns for various companies in their Social Media Marketing module.

For example, Wei Xuan, who has now been officially appointed as the leader of the "Magic 4" is currently running a social media campaign for his chosen company - Da Jie Niang Dou Fu, a francise store specialising in halal yongtaufoo and chicken rice.   Do support his Facebook Page at this URL:  Better still, drop by the store which is at Bukit Batok Street 31, the owner is very friendly!

At DBIT, our Year 1 students get to be like real businessmen,
running their own social media campaigns for real businesses!

DBIT students are glad for the opportunities the course gives to them

DBIT students sure have a busy life, don't they?! :) But the students enjoy it, and they revel in the authentic experiences, challenges and opportunities the school and course often brings to them. For example, after the meeting, Yihan immediately posted a photo of the Meiji chocolate and badge she received from the generous Moove Media team.

Yihan's Black Meiji chocolate and "I Rock" badge,
courtesy of Moove Media.

More to come!

Yes, the fun has just begun! As mentioned earlier,  the actual competition will only commence in March 2013, and during that 3 days period, I will definitely be posting more updates of the event!

And if you want more photos of this event, do look out for our photo albums at our DBIT Facebook Page where I will upload more!

See you then, and meanwhile, enjoy your weekend! :)

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