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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #007 – Lorena


If you are walking around SP building Blk T19 and happen to lay your eyes on this kawaii and angelic-looking girl, it will be hard not to look twice.

But it is not merely Lorena’s sweetie-pie looks that earn her hordes of admirers.  Her warm and cheerful character is another reason why she is so attractive to the guys around her.  Be around her for a day or two, and you will surely be infected by her jovial smiles and chatty personality!


Behind her girly looks, Lorena is actually quite a sporty gal!  She was a student of  Anderson Primary School and similar to Wei Hao, she was from sports class from Primary 4 all the way to Primary 6.  In Primary 2, she joined Chinese Dance and joined basketball after getting into sports class. Till now, she remains very good friends with most of her sports class friends and they still meet up and have sleepovers frequently!

Before performance back when she was in Primary 4

The rest of the entry are directly taken from Lorena’s own words, so sit back and enjoy reading what she has to say about herself! :)

Her DSA Experience

Back then, when everyone were busy studying and planning which secondary school to go, my class was busy auditioning to go to the various secondary school through DSA ( Direct School Admission ) and I did the same.

However I decided to use Chinese Dance to try and fight for a place in Anderson Secondary School and Xin Min Secondary School. First, auditions, then interviews and finally waiting for the one letter that would decide the course of my life. I think I was more nervous opening the letter than taking my PSLE results! I didn’t make it to Xin Min Secondary but Anderson accepted me and I’m glad I went there.

Diamonds in Anderson Secondary School

The people in Anderson Sec are awesome. They are like my extended family members.

In Anderson, results are important, and being a Direct School Admission student, I wasn’t as smart as my peers. Young and immature, I didn’t really work extremely hard.

I scraped through every single year and in secondary 3, I almost got retained but got promoted by just passing 4 subjects out of my 8. I took double science and double humans and of course Additional Mathematics. During secondary 4, I was even asked to either drop my pure sciences and take combined science or drop Additional Mathematics.

Although I suck and hated mathematics to the core, I didn’t want to drop it because it would help in my future. I believed that I still had time to work hard and pull up my results. Additionally, many of my friends and seniors told me even if I’m a “diamond” in Anderson, it doesn’t mean that my O level results wouldn’t be good. In fact, our school papers were so much so difficult as compared to O level papers. I held on to the faith that I can make it and decided not to drop any subjects.

In Anderson, being a “diamond” means your L1R5 is above 25 and a “black diamond” means L1R5 above 30. There was a period I was even a black diamond! It was scary how high my L1R5 was but I felt better that almost ¾ of my class were diamonds or black diamonds and those that wasn’t “diamonds” or “black diamonds” were the scholars.

The fact of that, made us work harder together as a class, laugh and played and we became more bonded as compared to other classes. We were one. I believe that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and work towards that goal. Never give up, never lose faith was my motto when I was studying for my O Levels.

imageMy sec4 class, a class full of “diamonds”

Her Dancers

Other than my classmates that played a huge part in my life, the other people who changed me as a person were my dancers.

As I DSAed using Chinese Dance, I had to continue that as my CCA. Through the 4 years, my passion for dance never stopped. Although I got tired once in a while but the thrill of being on stage and the feeling of dancing with my friends was extremely satisfying.

In Chinese Dance, I learnt “No pain No gain”.

Our training was torturous. It was painful and tiring. As a batch, we always complained about the pain of stretching and wanted to skip training but we never did because we truly love dancing from the bottom of our hearts.

In secondary 3 and 4, I was made President. It was tough having to control 80 other dancers including my friends. As we were friends, I didn’t know if I should close one eye or make sure they didn’t slack during training. But my vice president and I managed to do it.

My Vice President and I

And we got the first gold with honours for our school at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) after 10 years of Gold! It was a gratifying experience. We spent hours training, during holidays we came back to school from 9 to 4 just to train and we had training 4 times a week that means 28 hours of training per week! On the day itself, we even went to school at 4am just to prepare for it! But when we got the results back, everything was worth it!

imageMy batch of dancers

Through my 4 years in Anderson, I learnt that you can’t just believe that you can do it. You must do something to make it happen, like people always say, be the change that you want to see. If you want your results to be good, make sure you work hard study hard that’s how I made it through my last year in Anderson and graduated with good results.

SP after Anderson

Originally I wanted to go to JC but then I thought about it and its just postponing my decision to choose what I want for my future.

So I chose the poly route and was first posted to biomedical diploma.  But my dad felt that it was too specialised and that if I didn’t like it, it would be hard to change course.  Hence, he helped me appeal to DBIT and here I am!

Things she enjoy

Of course since I have been dancing since primary 2, I have fallen in love with it.

Dance is a form of expression, a type of language, an emotion. Since then, I have tried out many other genres of dance such as lyrical jazz, modern and such. But to me, I still love Chinese Dance the most.

Although its not as appreciated by the audience as compared to the rest but to me, it’s one of the most beautiful way to express myself.

When we dance, our body are telling a story to the audience, trying to bring them into our world. To let the flow of actions tell the story instead of words, to give our eyes a mind blowing image, to let ourselves imagine.

The same movements when portrayed by different people gives different feeling because every one of us is different, the way we think, the way we feel is the way we would dance. Therefore I feel that dance is such a magical thing because when a person dances, you can see a whole new world, a world that the dancer wants you to see.



People who inspire her

The one who inspires me the most is actually my best friend from secondary school. She’s not some famous person or anything but she inspires me a lot.

Throughout her 18 years, she’s been through a lot. Her dad passed away during her promos in J1 and her brother is really very rebellious that her mum is considering sending him to a boy’s home therefore her mum puts all hope on her. She’s always under such tremendous pressure yet whenever I see her, she’s always smiling and bubbly.

I feel that she’s such a strong person and that inspires me. Whenever I’m upset or facing some problems, I would think of her and tell myself, that if so many bad things had happened to her yet she’s not giving up and living life to the fullest, what is this small problem going to do to me? So I fight on. And the best thing is that, even though she has her own problems, she’s still always there for me. Sometimes the people who inspire you don’t need to be someone famous, there’s always inspiring stories around us, just waiting to be discovered.


My first year in SP was a blur. I was busy with many things such as dance and organising camps. As I was in the committee for Current Affairs and Debating Club (CADC), there was a lot of commitment needed. However I enjoyed myself thoroughly with the people there as we organised camps such as IC camp and FO camp together. Furthermore, I no longer have to worry about my CCA points as I have already achieved gold with honours therefore now I can truly focus on doing well. (My group for Fusion Camp)

imageMy group for Fusion Camp



My group for Freshman Orientation Camp

Her SP Assignments

imageHomePage, CA2 for DVDE and WCD, year1


Java Assignment, year1


More Pictures of this pretty Girl!





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