Thursday, September 29, 2011

STAR Presenter Workshop

Hello everyone! :D

It has been an enriching and fruitful experience for me to be part of the STAR Presenter Workshop. Through the three-day workshop (26 September 2011 – 28 September 2011), I have learnt the necessary knowledge and essential set of skills – which mainly includes presentation skill, communication skill and organisational skill. 

Our home teams! :D

Dearest student ambassadors! :D

Now, I know that the image surfaced in your mind is the mundane, boring, lecture-style workshop where all you do was to take down notes. However, it was not entirely so. The workshop was filled with fun, joy and laughter through many different interesting games and activities (and FOOD)! :D


Jackie's marvelous performance!

The first day was extremely enjoyable and rewarding! Besides understanding the importance and different approaches of engaging our audience during a presentation, we actually practiced the techniques by playing the "Chicken Rice" game. The game taught us how to vary the use of tone, pitch, volume while evoking different emotions when pronouncing "Chicken Rice".

Playing the "Chicken Rice" game~

We also played Charades, a game in which words or phrases represented in pantomime are being passed down the row; each player has to mimic the actions of the previous player, and the last player of the row has to guess what that pantomime meant. Through this game, it has not only greatly enhanced our body language and communication skills but also fostered a greater sense of camaraderie amongst the student ambassadors.

Mr. Rahul, our trainer, has not only imparted the necessary skills through paragraphs of words and boring speeches, he actualises it into practice. On the second day, each and every one of us has to give an individual presentation on a certain topic, utilising our fundamental knowledge of what a good presentation is. Thereafter, Mr. Rahul and the student ambassadors gave the one presenting feedback on which area to improve and how to refine our presentation skills. 

Mr. Rahul explaining the different techniques~
Mr. Rahul giving tips for improvement!

I actually did not realise that I have the "Happy Feet Syndrome" where I would unknowingly move my legs while presenting. And that is something I definitely have to improve on! :p 

On the last day of the workshop, we learnt how to design concise and good presentation slides on PowerPoint to aid our presentation. We gathered in groups and edited a plainly-designed presentation slide. Through this exercise, we have not only learnt the importance of creating impressionable slides, but also how to design different styles in complement of our presentation. 

The Banana Team editing their presentation slides!

Afiq giving his presentation! :)

Next, after learning the different conversational techniques, we were also given a mission which was to engage a stranger in a small talk. It was an unusual experience as we do not usually talk to any strangers on the streets (that is, if we’re not asking for directions). However, after speaking to a few students whom I’ve never spoke to before, I’ve learnt to become more confident and less reserved! :)

The highlight of the day was the Facilities Tour @ DMIT. It was an eye-opening experience for me as I have never been to these studios. The Visual Effects Studios and the Hospitality and Tourism IT Centre left me the deepest impression. Besides exploring the studios, the background information of each studio (illustrated by our lovely senior presenters) left me extremely inspired too! 

Jackie @ Music & Audio
Production Studio! :D

Shafika @ Visual Effects Studio! :D

Asher @ Games Development Centre! :D

Group photo with Mr. Rahul, Mr. Daryl
and Ms. Shirley Ngiam

To sum up, it was really a fulfilling experience to have learnt many important skills applicable in all aspects of life and education. More importantly, I have also made many friends from different diplomas in DMIT through this workshop! :)

- Shi Jie, DBIT (NMM Option)

*Images courtesy of Mr. Daryl, Shi Hui, Eve Ho and Shi Jie

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