Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #051 - Hongxiang

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We are so sorry that we did not publish new issues of MetroDBITan for such a looong looong time, but better late than never, so here's Issue #051 for you! :)

This time, we are featuring our newly elected President of the DBIT Student Council, Zhang Hongxiang, better known to his friends as "Seven".

How do you feel about being chosen as DBIT Student Council President? What are your plans for the council?

I am quite excited because it is my first time holding a top-notch position like this, even though I have participated in various organizing committees in the past.

Currently, the council has already started to plan various events with the aim to bond fellow DBIT students and help them do better in their academic studies.

Our hope is that students do not just get to mix with each other in school, but also get together outside school.

Share your likes and dislikes!

I like to watch movies, especially super-hero movies. Maybe that’s one of the factors that keeps me young, haha :)

The super-heroes in these movies always have a cool factor about them and they have awesome abilities.  I also like the way they hold their responsibilities. I have learnt a lot by watching such movies.

One of my favourite super-heroes is Iron Man; his equipment is so high-tech!

I also like to listen to music. I love EDM and pop music. I have this habit of repeating one song I like multiple times before moving to the next song.

Describe yourself with four different words – two which are your strengths, two which are your weaknesses.

Positive – I am a quite positive person. I don’t get stressed easily as I believe that everything happens for a reason and everything will be fine in the end. It is point-less to hold your problems in life as time doesn’t stop, you have to move on. But it is important to learn your lessons from the mistakes and avoid the same situation from happening again.

Cheerful – I like to be the joker among my friends as I feel happier when people start laughing and enjoy their time with me. I like to make other people feel positive and cheerful too as life is good, we shouldn’t let negative feelings pull us down.

Shy – I won’t talk a lot when you first meet me, but slowly I will open up and you will find me crazy.

Name three places in Singapore that you like to hang out at

Actually, I always have problems deciding where I should go.

That’s why I like to go to “tourist attractions” like BayFront or Esplanade roof-top.

I will go to these places every week to relax and leave all my schoolwork aside. It feels really good when I sit on the bench, sip on a drink and just enjoy.

What are your favourite modules in SP? Why?

I like my Year 1 module Social Media Marketing (SMM).

SMM taught me how the real working world is like. Modules like SMM prepare us for the life after graduation. Also, during the project, I had the chance to try out new things and communicate with various people to help me improve my soft skills.

Do you work part-time while studying? If you do, share your experience.

I worked as a salesman in the past, selling printers and cash machines. It was quite a good experience for me as it taught how to communicate with people and how to persuade people.

I actually failed a lot of times to achieve sales, but those failures did not deter me, and instead, I told myself to push on and not give up. In the end, I earned quite a lot of money which I used to pay personal expenses.

Please share more photos of yourself!

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