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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #049 - Winnie Chng

Welcome back to a new semester DBIT peeps! :)

Our October issue of MetroDBITan welcomes another Winnie, this time, Winnie Chng from DBIT 1B01 :)

Get to know her better by reading our interview with her below :)

Tell us a little about your childhood days. Winnie

I can only vaguely remember what I did in my childhood days. The most memorable part was travelling around with my family.

Places like Beijing and Shanghai, I have gone there umpteen times. I am familiarise with the places and the locals are very friendly.

I love travelling around with my big family because I felt that I was protected like a princess. It is the most memorable part of my childhood.

Share something about your primary school days!

I studied in Malaysia in a private school called Alpha Omega Resources. I was in the netball team as a goal shooter. We went through a lot of competitions as a team. I appreciate them a lot.

My school often brings us out to expeditions and competitions. For instance, when a new movie is released, our teacher would bring the whole class out to watch it. After watching the movie, we were then tasked to write a reflection based on the movie. We also were brought to places like the Science Centre in Malaysia and Singapore.

My school is a Christian school. We often traveled to various churches as part of our expeditions.  Christmas is an important event in our school. We were sent as volunteers to sing as a choir to places such as Starbucks.

Another interesting experience I had was a student exchange programme which I participated in. I went to a college in Malaysia, the SEGI College for a science programme. I remember that on one of the days when we were at the lab, my friend pulled the emergency button, causing water to splash all over the place.  Fortunately, nothing major happened, and we ended up laughing.  It was an enjoyable school trip.

On top of that, my school also provides summer camp every year for us. The year I went was at
Desaru Lotus. They organized plenty of activities such as kayaking. It’s a 3 days 2 nights camp.

Tell us more about your secondary school days!

I studied in Northbrooks Secondary School, around Yishun area.

I was admitted by the AEIS examinations for international students.

One of the memorable events during this period is my experience joining an overseas student exchange programme in Changsha for one week.  During that trip, I met a lot of new friends. After returning from the trip, we continue to keep in touch with them by writing letters to one another.

Taken in Changsha with one of my friends

Taken in Secondary2. It was Sports Day

In secondary school, I joined the Interact Green Club CCA. I regularly took part in Community Involvement Programs (CIP) such as giving out food to the old folk, performing to entertain them and also setting up booth to teach outsiders how to make good use of recyclable materials. In Secondary 3, I was appointed as the Treasurer of the club.

In secondary school, my favourite subject was Mathematics. I thought that it was a very fun and interesting subject until I started to study Additional Mathematics.  A.Maths was terrible and confusing. But I still love it very much.

In my secondary school, I have one group of besties. Most of them are Malaysians.

These are my sisters !

Share your likes and dislikes!


I have many likes, here are some of them:

  • I like watching traditional drama series such as huaqiangu. It has an awesome storyline. You guys should watch too!
  • I like to eat fast food like KFC’s popcorn chicken and pepper lunch. They taste great!
  • I like to hang around with my family especially with my aunt!
  • I like netball


My dislike would be fish. I don’t like eating fish since young.

Share a memorable event you had

I would share a memorable moment that happened recently.

It happened when I finished my Web Client Development project. I spent a lot of effort doing it. I gained much satisfaction after writing so much complicated code. I feel proud of myself for achieving this.

Describe yourself with 4 words
2 Strengths, 2 Weaknesses


Two words I would use to describe my strengths would be:  active and easy-going


Two words I would use to describe my weakness would be:  procrastinate & not confident

This is one area which I feel I am not so good at. I am rather timid, not good at talking and interacting with people.

Share 3 of your favourite outfits!

Top from Bugis and bottom from Abercrombie & Fitch

Dress from Yunice’s shop in Johor Bahru

Dress from store in Sutera Mall

Three people that you want to thank or shout out to?

1)    Aunt
2)    Sister : Cindy
3)    Cousin: Anne

My cousin, Anne and myself

Me and my sister Cindy

Share your travel experiences!

The countries that I have visited include Europe and China.

Picture taken in Europe when I was 12 years old

Picture taken in China with my cousin when I was young

Between the two countries, I prefer China as it is more convenient as it is an Asian country. The food is more suitable for us. Not only this, the language spoken is Chinese, which is the most common language in our family.

Name three places in Singapore that you like to hang out at!

Three places that I like to hang out in Singapore would be Sentosa Resort World, Marina Bay Sands and Orchard Road.

As I am a Malaysian, I don't go to these places that often, but when I do, I go there with my family. We will go there at least twice a year.

Whats your favourite food at SP? :)

My favourite food at SP would be the Chicken rice at Food court 3.

What do you plan to do after graduation from SP?

I will choose to go to work and experience the business industry.

What are your favourite modules in SP?

My favourite module in SP would be Web Client Development (WCD) which teaches us HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create our own websites.  I find this module very interesting. And I feel much satisfaction after I complete my work.

Another module I enjoyed is Social Media Marketing (SMM).  I find this module useful in my future career. It teaches us a lot of methods on marketing on social media. It allows us to work with real life company to gain experiences.

Some of the posters I created for my SMM client, MyPhotoTalk.

Link to the Facebook Post

Do you work part-time while studying?

Yes. On the first semester break, I worked as a promoter. I found it a meaningful experience, as I really understand what’s hard earned money.

Are you currently attached?
What sort of qualities would you like in a partner? :)

Currently, I am not attached yet!

I would like my partner to have qualities such as being responsible, caring and honest.

More photos please?!

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