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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #048 - Winnie Chow

Welcome to issue 48 of MetroDBITan! In this issue, we feature our very pretty Year 3 DBIT student, Winnie Chow!

Let's zoom in and get to know more about her!

Tell us more about your childhood days, Winnie

I do not have any memories of my baby days (but I have baby pictures!) and I can vaguely remember my childhood days. My mother dolled me up prettily whenever we headed out and sometimes even at home!! If we were at home, she would start a mini photo shoot for me and I would have to pose for her, haha!

Baby picture 1

Baby picture 2

Childhood days 1: Posing for the camera

Childhood days 2

Childhood days 3: Visiting the Zoo

I am particularly close to one of my cousins as she was born just two days before me. I spent my primary school days living at her house as I am the only child and my parents were busy working. I would head home every weekend and be back for school on Mondays. My aunt has three daughters and all of them took care of me for the whole six years! :-)

My cousin and I (right)

My cousin and I (right)

My cousin and I (left)

Tell us more about your primary school days!

I was from Zhenghua Primary School. My favourite subjects were Mathematics and Chinese! I participated in various types of CCAs such as Choir, Tennis, Table Tennis and Librarian.

My cousin, a baby that my aunt was babysitting and I

I had a journal during my primary school days (form teacher said it is compulsory) and we were told to write our thoughts and/or reflection in it every few days. The teacher asked us to decorate our journal and this is how mine looks like! :-)

My Journal during Primary 5

Honestly, I still find it quite pretty hahaha! An example of my day in Primary 5:

6 January 2006: My English was terrible hahaha
Not that my English has improved by alot... But at least my handwriting did! Hehe. My hobbies are still the same but my dream to own a childcare centre is impossible to be realised... ~

A few of my primary school friends:

Xiaohan, Jinyin and I

Jinyin, Amecan and I

Share some stories and photos about your school days in secondary school!

I was from Commonwealth Secondary School in the NA stream and my favourite subjects were Mathematics and Sciences! My CCA was Badminton.

In my secondary school days (even in primary school days), the discipline masters would 'catch' me during lesson breaks and start accusing me for dyeing my hair brown. They continued to 'catch' me even after my father came down to meet the principal!!!! #sameproblemeveryyear #bestfriendswithdm

My classmates (Secondary 3)

My classmates (Secondary 3)

My badminton girls

Badminton training outside school

 Some of the memorable events that happened during my secondary school days:

Champion! (Games Day - Secondary 5 Inter-Class Floorball Competition)

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Graduation Day - Flashmob (Sec 4/5)

It was a wonderful journey :-)

Share your likes and dislikes!

My likes

I like to fix puzzles, fix stuffs, listen to musics, travel and many more!

Crystal Puzzles - Piggy Bank

Crystal Puzzles - London Bus

IKEA Cabinet (before)

IKEA Cabinet (after)



I am a fan of a KPOP band named SHINee ever since I was in Secondary School. Recently, I have been listening to English songs and I love it too!

Current favourite songs:

  • View by SHINee
  • Because I'm The Best by Hyuna
  • Good Boy by GD X TAEYANG
  • Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato
  • Worth It by Fifth Harmony

SHINee (taken by me during their first fan meet/sign in Singapore, 2010!)

I rarely take pictures of food before I eat as I always forget to do so. But when I do, I go on a picture spreeeee!

Fried Tofu (from Itacho)

That beef from that shop (from Korea)

Mango lobster salad roll (from Itacho)

Cooked salmon sushi (from Itacho)

Half-chicken (from Poulet)

My Dislikes


Share an event which is memorable to you

There are a lot of events that are memorable to me. Each picture below represents one event! :-)

Games Day 2012, we were third on 2011 but came in first on 2012

Secondary school dance performance

Royal Caribbean Winner
Embarrassing yet proud event,
Hula Hoops competition on the ship lol

Key signed album (hoho)

Yami Yogurt photoshoot.............

My 19th birthday

My Cousin's Wedding Day (her sister and I)

Campaign Winner
Free airplane tickets to Taiwan!!
Thanks FD!

Describe yourself with four different words (two strengths, two weaknesses)

Here are 4 words which I would use to describe myself

1. Wary (weakness)
2. Honest (weakness)
3. Independent (strength)
4. Fair (strength)

Being wary and honest are my weaknesses. It makes me think twice about everything that were said to me. And by being honest, it makes it hard for me to comfort sad people with white lies. I would choose to let them know the ugly truth and hurt them so that they can get it over with the problem, once and for all. However these traits may play useful roles in my life at some point of time so I am glad to have possess them :-)

I consider Independent and Fair as my strengths. By fair, I mean justice. I believe that justice is very important. I like that I am independent because it means that I do not have to depend much on others and thus not be a burden to them.

Regardless of the types of traits, they made up me and I am happy about it! :-)

I believe that honesty is gold. And that truths are always better than lies.

Three of your favourite clothes

My 'pyjamas'
I am not sure where my mother bought this long pink panther top for me but I love them because it is pink and comfy! Haha. My mother also bought the shorts for me from Taiwan and they are really comfy too! Perfect sleeping wear! :-)

Outfit in Korea
I bought the outer 'coat' and boots from Korea during my trip there on February 2015. The inner top is from Cotton On and the red pants is from H&M. I like the coat as it is fully black, which is easy to match with any outfit. The inner top is comfortable and at the same time, does not look lapsup when worn with this outfit hahahah. I chose to wore this red pants to complete the outfit because the colour strikes out and made this whole outfit looks less boring and more fun! :-)

Checkered baby-doll dress
Both the dress and boots are from Bugis Street! I like this dress because it is red (just right for CNY) and because it is a one-piece (duh dress). Which means that I do not have to think about what to wear for the bottom! :-D hahahah. For the boots, it is just boots. Hur hur ♥.♥

Three people that you want to thank or shout out to

Instead of three people, I would like to show three pictures instead ._.
I'm thankful for their appearance in my life :-)


Cousin's family

SHINee - Key

Which country do you want to visit most? Why? Have you travelled anywhere before?

There is no particular country that I wish to visit. I have travelled to Phuket, Batam, Bali, Korea and Taiwan before. Surprisingly, I like my Bali trip best. I am not sure why but I had most fun there!

Bali trip

Bali trip

Phuket trip (i think?)

Korea trip (confirm)

Name three places in Singapore that you like to hang out

I do not have any particular places that I like to hang out at... If I have to name three places, they are: my home, The Clementi Mall and anywhere with K. I like to hang out alone, with my mother, with K and also with friends! :-)

What’s your favourite food in SP?

My favourite food were Yong Tau Foo and 'brown rice and eggplant from the vegetarian stall at FC4.

Yeap, both of them are gone. I was sooooo sad to see them disappear from FC4 :-( but I got over it (sorta) and my current fave is the eggplant from FC6's vegetarian stall. It better not close down anytime soon, not until I graduate!!!!!!! And nope, I am not a vegetarian haha. :-)

Brown rice & eggplant :'(

Yong Tau Foo :'(

What do you plan to do after graduation from SP?

Erm... I plan to continue my studies in SIM but I have not decided on a course yet. If I were to work first in the future, I am not sure which industry to work in but I know which industry I DO NOT want to work in; the F&B industry.

What are your favourite modules in SP?

My favourite modules are Business Statistics, Java Programming and Infographics. I like them because they are fun and interesting. :-)

Do you have a CCA in SP?

Nope, I do not have a CCA in SP.

Do you have best / good friends in SP? 

Yes I do.

Glad to be with them throughout the 3 years :-) Zandra, Claris, Weiyan, Sauching, Huiru, Jingpoh, Yanqing and Yunhui :-)

Do you work part-time while studying?

Yes but not regularly. It may be tiring sometimes but I feel that it depends on what type of job you have.

Please share 3 pictures of your past projects / assignments.

Interaction and Visual Design (IVDE)

Infographics - Resume (IGRA)

Infographics (IGRA)

Are you currently attached? If you are, please share a romantic experience with him!

Yeap, I am attached but no romantic experience! Haha!

Please share more photos with us!

With my secondary school friends

With my closest cousins

Thanks for reading, hope you have learnt more about me! :-) have a nice day!!

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