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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #047 - Seah Ying Hui


You have just landed on the front page of another awesome issue of our monthly MetroDBITan featuring our wonderful students from the Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) ! :)

Our cover girl, Ying Hui shares the same birthday month as Singapore and she has just turned 18 years old two weeks ago.

Happy Belated Birthday Ying Hui!

Singapore definitely had a once-in-a-lifetime birthday bash with our SG50 Jubilee celebrations this year, so I took the opportunity to ask Ying Hui how she celebrated hers.

How did you spend your 18th birthday?

I celebrated it with my secondary school friends at my cousin's house.

What is your most memorable birthday throughout your life?

The most memorable birthday would be my 15th birthday, when I was in Secondary 3. My friends from my CCA (The Ultimate Frisbee team) threw a party while we were in the middle of a training session by throwing water bombs and all the crazy fun stuff!

If you get to receive a birthday gift, what do you hope it will be?

I hope it would be a year of food coupons. Just kidding! I would grow reaaaaallyyyy fat if I were to receive such a gift.


I threw her some National Day related questions, since it is Singapore’s 50th birthday this year!

What do you like most about being a Singaporean?

I can be kiasu and use Singlish anytime I want! Because that’s what a Singaporean really does.

Hmm, but more importantly, I get smiles from foreigners in other countries when they know that I’m from Singapore. Doesn’t that mean that Singaporeans have left a rather good impression in front of others?

How do you normally spend your National Day in the past few years? How was SG50 different for you this year?

My mum would normally bring me and my bro to go and catch the National Day fireworks, because we usually cannot get the tickets to watch to the NDP event itself.   For this year's SG50 this time round, I spent my day resting at home as I really need to rest and recharge to complete my assignments!

What is your hope / wish for Singapore?

I hope Singapore would continue to prosper, and to have peace and equality for everyone living in Singapore.


Are you an Extrovert / Introvert etc? Tell us by doing the MBTI Personality Test!

Picture from
According to the MBTI test results, my personality type is ESFP-T, so I am an Extroverted person

I was rather shocked when I read my results. which concluded that I am an entertainer.

Though I  agree with some of the characteristics described by the test about me, there are also many descriptions which don't really fit me.

For example, I agree with the description of me being observant, but I don't think I am someone who brings a lot of smiles and laughter to the people around me as what the test mentioned.

What are 2 traits you like about yourself? 

I like that I am more to feeling and turbulent. Feeling individuals are said to be more sensitive, so this could actually lessen the chances of me hurting someone around me, especially the people I care for.

Turbulent individuals are said to be more sensitive to stress. Stress would get me to do work, and stress would drive me to improve even though it might really drive me crazy at times.

List three things that make you happy


Share stories and photos about your baby / childhood days

I grow up with this boy over here. Do we look alike when we were young? Because he’s my twin brother.

I have no idea when was this taken!

Taken when we were primary 5!

Share stories and photos about your school days in primary school

I was from Nanhua Primary.

During my primary school days, my favourite subject was Mathematics and nothing else!

Although I like Mathematics, I am not that good at it.

In primary school, I joined the Media Club as my CCA, handling the AV sound system. But sad to say, I could not fully understand what my seniors taught me, so once, when I was asked to tune down the volume, I did not know how to help as I did not know which were the knobs or buttons I had to adjust!

Share stories and photos about your school days in secondary school

I could not get in the school that I want to go, so I ended up in Shuqun Secondary.

I remember how badly I hated school.  It was so bad that I sulked for the entire first week of school. I could not wait to be released from school, and headed straight for home right after lessons ended, so that I could catch my drama episodes.

However, I got to know one of my classmates better and we became very close friends. She dragged me into the Ultimate Frisbee CCA, and I started not to go home so early after that...

In fact, we talked so much in class that all our subject teachers started to complain about how talkative and noisy we were, and we ended have to sit at a distance away from each other. But we would still change seats with other classmates, and ended up sitting beside each other magically!

From Frisbee, I get to know a bunch of really close friends!

Share your likes and dislikes!

I like exploring places for food, I don’t mind walking more just to get to a place with food that would make me go back again.

I like Hongkong action and police dramas/movies most!

The movie I like most is a Korean movie - Miracle in Cell No. 7.  I would always cry when I watch this show, no matter how many times I watch it.  I also like to watch the Maze Runner. It feels like I’m literally sitting on a rollercoaster.

Food? Seriously anything nice! But I love coffee and tea, especially caramel macchiato and green tea latte.

Three of your favourite outfits?

Can I make it one instead?

A basic tee and shorts just like the one I wore in the photo below.

Name three people that you want to thank or shout out to

I can’t do without thanking my family members, if not my parents would probably kill me when they see this. But nevertheless, I really feel thankful for them.

They know how much stress I’m giving myself, but they’ll always be there, giving me support. My mum would pick me up from school whenever I stay too late. My brother would also buy me my favourite donuts for breakfast, or even wash the dishes for me. My dad works hard for all of us to give us better lives.

Here’s a photo of them:

My secondary school friends! Although we are not in the same school, we still meet up occasionally and be there for one another. One of the best things that have happened to me.

My poly friends! I don’t think I’ll ever survive the first year of poly without them, of course, the half of the second year too. We laugh, we frown, we work and we stress together. No photos together with some of them yet!!

What is one place you love to hang out at?


I can’t do without not going to Starbucks for more than 2 months!

I crave for the coffee at Starbucks almost everyday, but I know I can’t have it everyday.

Something you are really passionate about?

As for now, I do not have any fiery passion for anything. But I hope I’ll have that soon.

Have you travelled anywhere before?

I have travelled to China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

Out of these places, I like Hong Kong the most.

My love with Hong Kong started from the Hong Kong serial dramas that I used to "chase".  I would watch one drama after another continuously for 2 days until I finished the entire series.

My heart itches whenever I see photos of Hong Kong. It’s just something I can’t explain.

I love Japan too! I could not stop eating when I was there,  This is very unusual because I normally eat only 3 quarters of a bowl of rice but in Japan,  I ate almost 2 bowls of rice! The scenery in Japan is so breathtaking!

Hong Kong 2012

Korea 2012

Tokyo 2014
I love taking photos of streets like these!

Why did you choose DBIT course?

Frankly speaking, there isn’t any special reason for me when I chose DBIT.

I do recall that I visited the open house,  learnt more about this course and found it quite interesting.  , My neighbor happens to have joined this course as well and told me about it.

Another reason why I chose DBIT was because, it has nothing to do with Science!

What do you like about DBIT course? What would you want to improve about the DBIT course?

Now that I’m here, I do like whatever I’m doing now. Even if I hate some particular modules, I’d still try my best to embrace it. I feel that we could learn more in-depth programming languages.

What do you plan to do after graduation from SP? 

I’ll still want to go for further studies, in probably NUS or NTU, majoring in something related to Information Technology.

What are your favourite modules in SP?

My favourite modules are MAD, WAD and DBMS. I like coding, even though I am not good at it. I’m always impressed whenever I get to use an app that looks cool, and functions perfectly well. I inspire to create an app that would impress someone one day.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years time?

I hope to see myself, surviving well in the society and still being able to be with the people I love and care.

Do you have a CCA in SP?

I do have a CCA, Ultimate Frisbee but I’m not active in it.  Here are some photos of myself and my team-mates taken during our CCA events.

Beginner's Tournament

Just Huck It 2014 by SIT

Developmental tournament

Do you work part-time while studying? If you do, share your experience.

Yes I am currently doing some part-time work.

I work as a waitress in a ramen shop at Clarke Quay during the weekends.

I face many kind of customers, nice customers who smile and thank me all the day long, and also impolite customers who always sound like they are super annoyed. Nevertheless, I have to face them with a smile.

Please share some pictures of your past projects / assignments

Here's my personal website that I have done for my Year 1 module Web Client Development!

Are you attached?What are the qualities of the boy/ girl you would like to partner with?

My ideal kind of partner would be someone who would make my heart race, mix my feelings up and make me feel so comfortable that I would talk so much that I don’t even feel tired. And probably someone who finds pleasure in whatever I like doing :)

Please share more photos of yourself!

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