Thursday, March 12, 2015

Presentation of Social Media Listening Projects and Infographics to Starhub Community Team

Last Thursday (05 March 2015), four groups of DBIT students presented their Social Media Listening project to the Starhub Community Team.

First, we really must thank Darren and Kai Boon of Starhub Community for taking time off from their busy schedule to attend the students presentation and to share their feedback with them.  It was good news to know that after the presentation, both of them felt it was a really worthwhile trip made as they were very impressed by the quality of our students presentations!

Here's a round-up of what each of the groups presented and the photos of them presenting.

Do look out for more news of them again because Darren and Kai Boon like their infographics and research so much that they have decided to publish their work on Starhub Community Blog after some touch-up! :)

Congratulations to the teams! :)

P.S.: Do excuse me for the lousy quality of the photos taken as I only had my phone camera with me at that time and I was trying to listen and take photos at the same time ;)

Top 5 TV shows in Singapore

The first group of students were Yi Fang and Jun Rong who worked with two other students Htet and Tianqi to produce an infographic on "Top 5 TV shows in Singapore".

Below are some snippets of them presenting as well as some screenshots of their slides.

Yi Fang presenting
Jun Rong presenting
Top 5 TV Shows Amongst Singaporeans  

Top 5 K-pop groups in Singapore

Next up were the students from DBIT 1B21 consisting of Nicholas, Wei Yan, Deswanto and Claris.

This group used social media listening tools like Social Express to gather insights of the conversations happening among K-pop fans in Singapore and produced an infographic on "Top 5 K-pop groups in Singapore".

Here are some photos of them presenting and a screenshot of their infographic.

Nicholas Presenting
Weiyan Presenting

Top 5 noodles in Singapore

The third group to present chose to research on the noodles that are most loved by Singaporeans.

They studied the social media conversations in which people talk about why they like a certain type of noodle.  They focused on areas such as what people were talking about the taste of the noodles, the price of the noodles, the queue etc.

The students who worked on this interesting project are Adriel, Chee Xiong, Zhe Hui and Zhengyu.

Adriel presenting
 Chee Xiong presenting

Top 5 cafes in Singapore

The presentation concluded with the findings of the group consisting of Lawrence, Zandra, Wei Xiang.and Jin Yong.

They performed research to identify the Top 5 Cafes in Singapore.

Here are the photos of this group.


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