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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #039 - Kang Yi Qi

Merry Christmas everyone!

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For the Dec 2014 issue of MetroDBITan, we have chosen to feature Year 1 student, Kang Yi Qi who is incidentally, a December baby!

For the fun of it, I asked Yi Qi to do a Myer-Briggs personality test as part of our interview.  I also asked her if she thinks she fits the character personality of her horoscope sign.

Want to know the results of her test or to know what is this gentle and yet capable girl thinks? Then read on! :)

Her vital statistics

Me: Yi Qi, please share your vital statistics with us!

Yi Qi: My full name is Kang Yi Qi and I am 17 years old this year.  My birthdate is 07 Dec 1997 so that makes me a Sagittarius!

Are you a typical Sagittarius?

Me: You are a December baby, also a Sagittarius. Can you read the description of a typical Sagittarius at this link and tell me which parts of the profile describe you accurately, and which do not.

Yi Qi:  I didn’t know there are so many kinds of Sagittarius but after reading all, I think that Sun in Sagittarius suits me the best. People of the Sun in Sagittarius are usually very optimistic and are very forgiving that they can’t even remember what they are angry for. I think that’s true for me.

After entering Singapore Polytechnic, there are lots of project to do and especially during my first year and semester, all the project datelines are in the same week. Being optimistic helps me to reduce stress because I think in a way that if I do one step at a time, I can complete my work.

I also forgive people easily sometimes like within a minute. There was this one time when my friend spilled chemicals on my worksheet during Secondary School. I was angry at her because my worksheet was ruined but when she started laughing, I forgave her immediately. I guess this all happened in a minute?

Her Myer-Briggs Personality

Me: Yi Qi, let's do a little analysis on your Myer-Briggs personality.  Take the test at this link. After you get your results, read the analysis at this link.  Tell me whether you agree / disagree with the analysis of yourself!

Yi Qi:  My test result is natural born leaders, ENTJ.

According to the description, ENTJs are confident, love challenges and are ruthless when negotiating.

I agree that I am confident because I always think carefully before doing something and by knowing that what I am doing is right, I am confident.

As for challenges, I have never thought that I actually enjoy them. Challenges are unavoidable in life. I just face challenges when they come without thinking much, but if I were to choose, I don’t think I will really love having too many of them!

I also don’t think I am ruthless when negotiating.  I would always consider others before coming out with a solution that works well for both parties unless I firmly believe that mine is a better idea. Ruthless is not something that I would do because I don’t think I will feel good doing that.

Share stories and photos about your childhood days!

I can’t remember much about my childhood but this is how I look like when I was young.

(Left: My sister, Right: Me)

Share stories and photos about your school days in primary school

I was from Unity Primary School and the CCAs I joined then were Ballet and Library Club.

I was a curious child who followed what other people do. So I followed my sister to join the ballet club when I was in Primary One and followed my friends to join the Library Club.

I learned ballet for 6 years before quitting to focus on my PSLE.

My favourite subject back then was Mathematics.  When I was young, I did well for Mathematics (maybe because primary school maths is easy).I am sure you know the feeling when you can solve the problem easily!  I love that feeling so I liked Mathematics when I was in Primary school.

Share stories and photos about your school days in secondary school

I studied in West Spring Secondary School and my CCA was Girl Guides.

I joined Girl Guides because I needed a fun CCA. I really liked Girl Guides because I learned some life-saving skills like making a fire from branches you see on the grass. We even made an ‘oven’ using cardboards and aluminium foil. It was an interesting experience. I also managed to participate in the Singapore National Day Parade when I was in Secondary 2.

Taken during Girl Guide camp trip to Gardens by the Bay

My favourite subject back then was Science (Chemistry and Biology).

I find Secondary School Science very interesting. I love lab sessions especially my Chemistry lessons where we get to mix chemicals and see the results. I also find Biology interesting because I got to know more about how our body react to different things and some brief information about illnesses.

Share your likes and dislikes

I love reading especially books about fantasy, supernatural creatures and romance. I love imagining what is going on when reading the book. It just excites me. I first started reading such genres when I was in Secondary 4. The book name is called Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.,_Hush

I think my favourite movie now is Divergent. I love action movies like Divergent because they are cool and unpredictable. Although I love watching action movies, I dislike horror movies. I have never watched a single horror movie because I want to make sure I have a good sleep every night and not subject myself to nightmares and such.

Share an event which is memorable to you

One memorable event is my first time participating in the National Day Parade (NDP).

Even though it was tiring, it was fun!  During the day, my friends and I ate lunch together, sometimes the food was from Pizza hut or KFC which were sponsored by the NDP committee! In between, we had to do a lot of training. The fun part came during the performance because we got to watch fireworks during our 2 km march.

I was also featured in 2 newspaper for participating the parade with my sister – Straits Times and 联合早报

Name three people that you want to thank or shout out to

The first group of people I want to thank is my family.  I want to thank them for being very supportive in my studies and always lend a listening ear when I am troubled!

Next will be my friends of DBIT/FT/1B/02 who always help me when I have problem understanding the lessons and constantly giving me lots of moral support.

Have you travelled anywhere before?

I have travelled to these places:

  • Malaysia (Penang, Langkawi, Genting, KL)
  • Thailand (Bangkok, Krabi)
  • Korea
  • Japan (Tokyo, Osaka)
  • China (Beijing)
  • Australia
Out of these countries,  I love Japan the most.

I visited Japan during autumn and the weather was so chilling. The country is so clean and is filled with fresh air. Its scenery is so beautiful too!

Sadly, quite a number of my travel photos were lost after I changed my phone but fortunately, I still have pictures of my Thailand trip to Bangkok!  I also love Bangkok for their Thai food.  Thai food is so delicious, especially their seafood and Tom Yam!

Look at their seafood!

This ice cream is the best!
It is made with chocolate fillings, oreo and banana

I love this sauce!
It is spicy but sour at the same time!

Why did you choose DBIT course?

Frankly, I have no idea why I selected DBIT at the time I had to make a choice. At first I wanted to pursue Science courses because I love science but apparently, my score couldn’t bring me anywhere in SP. I wanted to go SP because of the location and it’s a better school. The only course I can go is Business IT and some other engineering course. After considering, I decided to chose DBIT.

What do you like about DBIT course so far? What would you want to improve about the DBIT course?

What I like about DBIT is that I get to learn coding and also have opportunities to work with real industry clients, even when I am just a mere Year 1 student!

In my first semester, I took a module called Social Media Marketing which required me to approach a company to seek their approval to run Facebook campaigns for them.  At first I was nervous when I knew about this task. Later, I realised that this is a great experience because I learned real business strategies that companies use. This is also an experience that other courses may not have.

I think that there is nothing else to improve in DBIT because I think this course have taught me lots of skills which are useful when I go out into the industry to work.

What do you plan to do after graduation from SP?

I plan to continue my studies in the University after graduating from SP. I will probably decide which university and course to go after getting my results. In the meantime, I will try my best to get good results!

What are your favourite modules in SP?

My favourite module is probably Social Media Marketing.

I find it fun to advertise a company through social media platforms especially when you see that the posts you have created has gained many likes and shares.  Moreover, the feeling when you have helped a company to gain sales is great!

Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years time?

Until today, I have never thought much of what will happen to myself in 10 years’ time. Maybe to have a stable job and have good pay.

Do you have a CCA in SP?

Yes I have, my CCA is bowling.

Every training session of bowling is very fun especially when playing with your friends. Although it is just a 2 hours session, I get to take a break from projects.

I also joined the freshmen orientation camp for bowling. It was an enjoyable experience and also my first time travelling around Singapore for Amazing Race. We even went to Sentosa! Below is the group photo of my team, the Red Team!

Do you work part-time while studying?

I don’t work part-time while studying but I work during long holidays.

I have worked before at the Popular Suntec Fair and at Takashimaya as cashiers.

I have also taken a job in Smoothie King at Centrepoint

Well, it was quite fun working at the Popular Fair and Takashimaya Fair even though I was really busy during both times. During the Popular Fair, there were also concerts where some celebrities performed.  I managed to see two celebrities while working!

My view is that if anyone wants to take a holiday job, the most enjoyable jobs would be working at fairs where you meet other people and work together.

Please share pictures of your past projects / assignments

Digital Media For Business (Asterpau Poster)

Digital Media For Business (Asterpau Poster)
Web Client Development CA2 Website

Are you currently attached with a partner?

Nope I am not attached.

My qualities of a partner should be someone who is funny and relaxed but serious when it is time to be serious. I also hope that he will be taller than me XD.

Since you just had your 17th birthday a few weeks ago, please share with us your most memorable birthday throughout your life

My most memorable birthday is the time when I travelled to Krabi, Thailand with my family and uncle and auntie.

I celebrated my birthday 3 times during that time!

I cant remember the first one but I remember the other 2.

I remembered celebrating it at a seafood restaurant. The food was delicious and the place even hadsingers performing. My uncle went to tell the singer that it was my birthday and wanted them to sing a song for me. I ended up receiving ice cream and a birthday song by them. It was embarrassing through…

Afterwards we went to Swensens and yeah my uncle loves celebrating my birthday so he ordered a birthday cake for me. The staff had to sing a song and even took a picture for us.

The staff laughed when they saw this picture. My uncle looks funny here..

Please share a few more photos of yourself!

I will share some family and class photos.

(with cousins of my dad side)

(cousin’s wedding)

DBIT/FT/1B/02 – After SMM CA3 Presentation

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