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4 Potential Teams to Win the BPL Title This Season

4 Potential Teams to Win the BPL Title This Season

This article was written by Lee Jia Quan, a Diploma in Business Information Technology student from Singapore Polytechnic.

Have you ever thought of which football team is going to win the Barclays Premier League (BPL) title for this season? It is going to be week 16 for BPL, all of the matches are going to be an open, contentious battleground heading into the Christmas period. It will also be a great opportunity for the football team to turn their luck around. It is still quite tough to predict which team will win the title for this season. Therefore, we will just be looking at the 4 potential football teams that could stand a chance to win the title for this season.

Manchester City F.C.


Past 5 Matches: Draw-Win-Win-Win-Win

Manchester City is a strong candidate to win the BPL title this season. Currently, it is in second position of the BPL table by having a total of 33 points. The reason why Manchester City is a strong candidate to win the title is because it is one of the Barclays Premier League’s best teams. Manchester City is also one of the football club that is stacked with high value players. Manchester City has also won the BPL title for the season in 2013/14. With the loan of Frank Lampard from New York City F.C, there is a very high chances that Manchester City will retain the crown as they might be unstoppable. In addition, Manchester City has been consistently winning for the past four matches in both home and away games. If Manchester City can continue performing well for the remaining matches, I strongly believe that Manchester City will clinch the BPL title once again.

Chelsea F.C.


Past 5 Matches: Win-Win-Draw-Win-Lose

Chelsea is also known as one of the best BPL team which has won the UEFA champions league in 2012. Chelsea is essentially having an all-star squad. It has a very solid defence line and versatile midfield. Besides that, Chelsea have landed a £32 million bargain for Atletico Madrid 25 years old striker Diego Costa making its squad to become more comprehensive. Diego Costa has been actively playing in the squad and he has scored a total of 11 goals in the BPL. All of this result Chelsea to be the strongest candidate in winning the title by having a total of 36 points and is currently in first position. People say money cannot buy happiness, but apparently it can buy one of the best soccer teams in the world. The match in week 16 will be a critical one as it will determine whether Chelsea is still able stay at the first position of the BPL table. Therefore, Chelsea must win the next match in order to compete with other football club for staying at the first position.

Manchester United F.C.


Past 5 Matches: Win-Win-Win-Win-Win

Glory Glory Man United…. But will they still be able to get back to those glory days? That still remains as a question for most of the football fans out there. For most of the die-hard Manchester United fans, they are still holding on to their faith towards the club, believing that they will achieve the silverwares they once achieved. Under the management of the new manager, Louis Van Gaal, he intended to overhaul the team by introducing new philosophy onto the team, trying to lead the team back to the glory days. However, the performance of Manchester United has been inconsistent in the season so far, losing most of their away games and only won 3 matches out of 7 games played away from their home stadium. In addition, it is an undeniable fact that they have been showcasing consistent performances recently, winning all 5 matches in both home and away games, advancing into the top three positions in the table. Therefore, I strongly believe that Manchester United should never be excluded as one of the title contenders for this season’s BPL.

West Ham United F.C.


Past 5 Matches: Draw-Lose-Win-Win-Win

West Ham is considered as the dark horse for this season. The reason why it is considered as the dark horse for this season is because in the 2013/2014 season, West Ham ended the Barclays Premier League in 13th position. Surprisingly, it is currently in fourth position by having a total of 27 points during week 15.  Besides that, West Ham has won one of the EPL’s best team, Manchester City in week 9 by a score of 2-1. West Ham has gone beyond everyone’s expectation. Undeniably West Ham has played much better in this season as compare with the past few season, but West Ham has to maintain its performance in order to have a higher chances in winning the BPL title.

From my perspective, it is too early to judge which football team is going to win the BPL title as based on the points gained by every team; the margin is so close that every single game can be a game changer.

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