Sunday, November 2, 2014

Check out DBIT alumni Tengku Hafidz's latest Android app!

Dear DBIT students and friends,

Do check out this Android app developed by your DBIT senior Tengku Hafidz!

We will talk more about this awesome app that you really should download in the later part of this blog entry, but before that, let me introduce more about Hafidz to you :)

Quick Bill Calculator

Hafidz attended the DBIT course from 2010 to 2013. Before that, he was from Madrasah Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyah.  Back then, Hafidz's favourite modules were Java Programming, Mobile Application Development and Fundamentals of Marketing.

I asked Hafidz to recall some memories of his days at SP.

Hafidz said, "Here are the two most stressful yet fulfilling experience of  my time in SP!"

1) Representing SIFE SP for SIFE World Cup

Hafidz is third from left on the front row

Together with a group of like-minded friends from SP, I joined the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) competition when I was in Year 2. My team had to visit various countries to find out how we can help improve the community's quality of life with the knowledge that we have gained in our courses. The goal of the competition was to create as much sustainable impact to the society as possible.  Though it was a lot of hard work and stress, I am really proud that my team SIFE SP (Representing Singapore) managed to get in all the way to the Semi-Finals!

2) Going through my Final Year Project

Hafidz with his FYP team-mates

For my Final Year Project (FYP), my team developed a cross-platform hybrid mobile app using Cordova and jQuery Mobile that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Our app is called SP Live! It is a simple app that allows students to navigate around the campus, as well as to publicize events that are held in SP. Unfortunately, back then, none of  my team members had a developer's account, and thus we were unable to put it in either the App Store or the Google Play Store. But still, we are very proud that our FYP was exhibited in DMIT Show 2013!

Hafidz is serving his NS
in Police National Service (PNS)

Right now, Hafidz is serving his National Service.

But amazingly, he still finds time to put his skills to use and coded this awesome app which you oughta download because it is going to be very useful to you! :)

So what is the app that Hafiz developed?

Hafidz developed a Quick Bill Calculator app.

He developed this app after realizing that many people often underestimate the amount they have to pay when they dine at restaurants because they forget to factor in the GST and service charges.

Also, sometimes we may eat out together with our friends, and one person pays on behalf of the rest. It is hard to know how much to pay that person if we have to factor in the GST and service charges besides the basic cost of the meal.

So Hafidz's app is really useful when you dine at restaurants, and you wanna know how much your meal actually costs after GST and service charges. Those hidden charges can amount to quite a significant sum, especially for students, and so he aims to solve this problem through his app.

Using the app, users can easily:

  1. Calculate total basic (menu) price
  2. Calculate the total amount payable after GST and Service Charge
  3. Forward amount owed by others to them

Please support Hafidz's development through download, rate, review and sharing the app!

The link to download his app is right below.

You can also check out his other apps on Android Google Play by searching his developer name: DevMelayu.

If you want to link up with the man himself and share your feedback with him, do message him at his Facebook or follow him on Twitter!

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