Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our awesome Internship experience at Starhub!


Fancy an intern getting a chance to change the gamification algorithm, design the advocate programme, create, model and creatively design social media engagement campaigns, generate content, engage directly with customers and being in the heat of all things social in the most socially devoted company in Singapore!

That’s the whirlwind stint of 6 weeks internship experience that the three of us from second year Singapore Polytechnic students in School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) gained in the StarHub Community team!

The first thing that came to my mind was “Oh my, StarHub is such a big and intimidating corporation, a small intern like me will definitely be doing nothing but a lot of boring administrative stuff, like most interns would”.

On our first day of work, we met Howard & Darren, who are responsible for running StarHub Community. Even though Howard looked scary at first, but the truth is, he’s not! As for Darren, he is always with a smile. At one point, we were wondering whether he won lotteries everyday! Both of them are genuinely nice guys! We’re glad they are our supervisors.


About StarHub Community

For people who are not aware what is StarHub Community all about, it is actually a forum that StarHub has come out with to let consumers share their experiences & problems while the other customers and the customer service officers will help to answer. In my point of view, this forum is actually very commendable, it shows that StarHub cares and value their consumers and they are trying to do something about it! We quickly learned that StarHub Community is not just a support forum, but ordinary people can come and participate in many fun contests and share their interests.

Exciting projects under our belt

One of the most memorable events throughout the 6 weeks’ internship was the 2014 Sparklers Club Meeting event! We are lucky that we were able to help out in this event for StarHub advocates. This event definitely was an eye opener for us. Check out the event here:

Also, check out the 2 engagement campaigns we created all by ourselves!

Also, coming out with the new gamification system for Sparklers Club members was really tedious but it was a worthwhile task that we had done in this 6 weeks. This gamification system required a lot of analysis, discussion and planning. I am glad we were given a chance to do a real life analysis project and even get to attend a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) workshop!

We are glad that we did our internship with StarHub. Although six weeks is short, we manage to gain the most from the short period of time with the guidance from our supervisors. I am sure that the knowledge and skill set that we have acquired while working here will guide us through the next phase of our working career.

For students who are going to have your internship soon, if you really want to experience something “real” and fruitful during your internship programme, this is a place where you can choose to go.


Note: This blog entry has also been published at the Starhub Community Blog and can be found at this link.

Besides the write-up above, Yi Shiun, Yi Han and Jia Jie would also like to take the opportunity to give thanks to their supervisors at Starhub, Mr Darren (AVP, Social CRM) and Mr Howard (Community Manager, Social CRM). 

Here are the comments they have for Darren and Howard.



We really enjoyed and benefitted tremendously under their mentorship during these 6 weeks of Internship with them!



This entry is written by DBIT Year 3 students, Tan Yi Shiun, Lim Yi Han and Lim Jia Jie.

Yi Shiun enjoys reading light novel. He often sits down with his friends to discuss the hot topics or issues in town and exchanges his points of view with them. Get in touch with him at his Facebook profile here

In her free time, Yihan loves to read and her favourite author is Mitch Albom. Other than that, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. You can contact her at her Facebook profile at this link

Jia Jie's hobbies playing the piano and taking photographs. She loves to take photos of food and pets.  Also, she is a pet-lover who volunteers to help at pet shelters. Jia Jie's Facebook profile can be found here

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