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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #027 - Goh Zhen Fang

Yo! Hope you had an awesome Christmas yesterday! :)

Christmas is a welcome holiday to me, not because I celebrate it, but rather, it's because I don't!  While some of you spent the day at church, some of you went out with your friends, I spent mine quietly at home :), writing this blog post! ;)

This issue, we feature sweetie-pie Goh Zhen Fang, who is a DBIT Year 1 student in class 1B/23.  I was Zhenfang's lecturer for her Social Media Marketing module, and she was one of my favourite students then because she was such a responsible and mature leader who guided her group steadily and well to complete a very successful project.

I am not sure how Zhen Fang spent her Christmas this 2013, but I sure enjoyed compiling her write-up and admiring her pretty photos as I prepared this entry for her! :)

Ok, enough with the blabber, let's get going and zoom in to Zhen Fang's writeup!

Zhenfang, please tell us more about your life in primary school!

I was a student from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School.

My favorite subject during my primary school days was Mathematics, and it still is now. ☺

I was in Library Club during primary school. I can't remember the reason why I joined that CCA, but it could be because I enjoyed reading books? But, sadly, I don’t anymore hahahaha ☺

Oh, I was also in TAF (Trim and Fit) Club during those days as I was overweight. I was very determined to lose weight when they recommended me to join that club. I lost about 14kg and the teacher-in-charge of the TAF club was amazed and used me as a model student for that club! WOO! ☺

What about your school days in secondary school?

I was a student from Bukit Batok Secondary School.

As I enjoy doing Mathematics, my favourite subjects back then was E.Maths and A.Maths!

In secondary school, I joined Modern Dance as my CCA. I really enjoyed being in that CCA!  I got to perform on stage during special occasions, a great experience. I then joined Reading Club. <- So unlike me to join that club HAHA!

Secondary school days was definitely the most memorable and enjoyable moments in my life! Many new experiences were gained there. Be it good or bad, each one of them was still a great experience as we need all these experiences in our lives. ☺

These are the closer few people who were with me through my days in secondary school. ☺ <3

This was taken on the day where we did our CIP,
going around houses collecting rice to donate to those needy!
Really enjoy doing such things! ☺

Share some memorable moments of your teenage years 

Every moment with my family and close friends are memorable as I don’t get to see all of them that often nowadays, so I really appreciate every moment spent with them.

Why did you choose DBIT course?

I find that this course was different, as we get to learn both business and IT. Although I don’t really have much interest in IT,  I don’t mind having to learn about it as it adds on to my knowledge of IT. Till now, I really enjoy being in this course and have no regrets! ☺

Share your likes and dislikes
I don’t have a specific favorite movie but I love horror movies!  ☺

My favorite foods are sweet potato and salmon!


What is your ambition in life? 

After graduation, hopefully, I would be able to get into my preferred university. I don’t really have a specific career that I hope to get into…maybe working at a bank? ☺

“Success comes from an ordinary person with extraordinary determination”

I feel that being determined to achieve something is very important, as the determination in us counts and determines where we would eventually land at.

Describe yourself with four different words

Here are the four words I would describe myself with:

  • Cheerful!
  • Hardworking!
  • Indecisive!
  • Stubborn!

I am a very cheerful person! ☺ I smile a lot, and hope to spread that to others too! Haha

Three things or people that inspire you

Bill Gates

It wasn’t his success or his wealth that inspired me, but instead, it was his willingness to give. To give sounds like an easy thing to do, but how many people out there are really willing to give? Bill Gates was different, even more when he was that rich. He donated large amounts of money to charitable organization which was really inspiring.

My parents
They were the ones who worked hard to give me such good environment and brought me to where I am today, so I am really grateful to them. ☺

Helen Keller
She triumphed over every obstacle she encountered, which is really important for each and every one of us. We cannot back away whenever we encounter obstacles, if not we will always remain at that and won’t be able to move forward for the better.

What are your favorite modules in SP? 

Out of the modules that I have taken so far, the two favorite modules would be Database Management (DBMS) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)!

I really enjoyed the whole process of learning both DBMS and SMM. SMM was really enjoyable as we get to work with real-life companies, to help them to promote their products through the use of social-media. We got to work in groups and brainstorm ideas; a great experience!  The company I worked with is called Dough Culture and it was a great experience working and learning with the manager, Ms Irene.  She even gave us some company vouchers as a gesture of appreciation after the project ended.

What are you hoping to learn in Year 2 and Year 3?
I’m hoping to learn more of marketing which is the elective module that I have chosen.

Do you have best / good friends in SP?
Yiling and Baoyeen are my two close friends in SP! We have lots of things in common!


Do you work part-time while studying? 

I do work part-time, but only on selected dates to balance my school life. I work as a kitchen assistant with my sister. The work is event-based, so we only get to work when there are events. There are different kinds of work that we do, it could either be to help the chef prepare and decorate the food that is to be dished out; replenish the food when it has been cleared; etc.

Please share 3 pictures of your past projects / assignments




Are you currently attached with a boyfriend / girlfriend? What type of guy attracts you?

Haha! I’m currently not attached. ☺ A guy with nice smile attracts me. ;)

Please share more photos of yourself!

My sister and myself☺


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