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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #024 - Tan Huiru

Yo DBIT peeps!

Sorry that I took such a looong hiatus and haven't been posting write-ups about your dear fellow DBIT coursemates for a month!  But the good news is,  I will be posting more MetroDBITan entries in the next few months, especially of the Year 1 students, so please continue to stay with us! :)

In this issue, we chat with Year 1 student, Tan Huiru.

Huiru is a student in my class, and I chose to feature her for a start because I find her a really friendly gal who loves to share about her passion and experiences.  Oh..and it's really a pleasure to talk to her - she has a sweet and melodious voice which I really enjoy listening to ;).

Let's dive in and get to know more about this gal ok!

Huiru, can you share stories and photos about your school days in primary school please?

I studied in Yio Chu Kang Primary School and used to be an introverted girl probably due to my inferiority complex.

Eventually, this personality led me to join infocomm Technology. This CCA was rather interesting to me as I had the chance to learn various skills that would be very useful to me for life.  For instance,  the process of making my own video and setting up a tripod. That felt rather cool to me as I was just a Primary 3 student then, and yet I was able to accomplish something even the adults might not know how to!  Another reason why I love this CCA is because it technically doesn't require students to do  many things except for slacking, learning and playing? =p

My favourite subject in primary school was Chinese!  This is because I did badly in almost all subjects except for Chinese.  I got an A for Chinese!

Please share with us about your school days in secondary school

I am proud to say that I am from Serangoon Secondary School!  This school made a really huge impact in my life.

From an introverted girl, I changed to an 'assertive' girl. This is because I met many nice friends  that came across my life. They taught me the importance in life teaches me the way to boost confidence and even helped me in my studies. Keen to see who they are?
Here it is!

Right to Left. Warunee, Colleen, me, Rui Yun, Justina  & Chintana! 

BFF! <3
Pretty sisters that make up my life
Left to right: Huiqi, Me and Angelina
Thank you for being caring and thoughtful to me.
Love you sisters!

What are your hobbies?

I LOVE playing cello. It feels kind of artistic and unique as it is no common instrument you see
anywhere. It also serves as leisure and entertainment during free time. Sometimes, when I learned
new pieces of composed song, it does give me a sense of satisfaction that I have never felt before!

Also, ice skating for exercise. As I prefer indoor activities! =p
I'm the short hair girl holding onto cello!
Too engrossed with playing Cello!
Can't see my face.. =(

Jurong East Skating!

After graduating, my school arranged a Prom night for all graduates!
Here are some pictures of our PROM NIGHT with my AWESOME friends!

Prom Night Self-Shot!

Prom Night with pretties!

Terence - my boyfriend

In the pictures above, you can see me posing with my boyfriend - Terence who is one of the most important people in my life! We have known each other for five years but the interesting fact is we are only together for 10 months! It was during a trip to Tioman last year where our romance began. For more details? Check me out on Facebook! Huiru Endorphine.  Hehe..

After graduating from Secondary School, my friends and I organized a Taiwan trip together! We went to Taiwan to view its beautiful scenery, experience the local lifestyle and indulged in a really shopaholic life!

Travelled to Taiwan after the exhausting days of 'O' level!

Photo shooting session!

Riding horse session! Love how beautiful the horse is!

Feeding fat goat fooooooddd!
The tongue feels super moist with his saliva. ><

Tell us more about your Poly life!

Moving onto Poly life! I chose the course of Business Information Technology! The combination of
Business with IT!

It is a pretty challenging course. The most memorable experience that I have is this module SMM (Social Media Marketing) which I find interesting. One of the projects that we are assigned to do is to collaborate with a shop owner to promote its' shop through the use of social media platforms!

This was quite a pleasing experience even though it feels horrifying the first time when you have to approach some strangers that you have never come across! However, all these fears can be overcome! Because...  The only way to overcome fear is to challenge fear.  Moreover, as you grow older and needed something to reminisce, this might be the experience you want to look forward to!

Exciting course with exciting friends! Scroll below for pictures of the poly-mates that I've met!

One of the project that I've worked together with groupmates!

Shot taken when celebrating Zandra birthday with awesome poly-mates!

Close friends met in Poly!

My brother's graduation day together with dad!

Finally, let me introduce you to two more people who are very important in my life.

Thank you, dad and brother for loving, doting and tolerating me all the time despite my

willfulness at times. I love both of youuu!

The picture above was taken during my brother's graduation day! Dad and I were so excited to see brother receiving his graduation certificate! Fortunately, we managed to get one kind passer-by to snap a photo for us.

I feel blessed having these awesome people playing big roles in my life! Because without them, I wouldn't be who I am today, enjoying blissful life like this! They make a complete picture of
my life!

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