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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #021 - Lihui

One of the nicest part about writing these blog entries for the MetroDBITan series is that this lecturer here gets to browse through plenty of eye candy photos of the gals and guys featured in each issue! ;)

Today, let me introduce you to another attractive young lady in our course - Chia Li Hui.  Li Hui has just embarked on her polytechnic Year 2 journey one month ago, and like her elder sister, Chia Li Qing, the long-haired sweet-looking lass is also very good at her studies!

Let's jump in and get to know this lovely gal right away!

Li Hui, please describe yourself in one sentence!

I am a cheerful and friendly girl who is also rather indecisive and forgetful at times!

Tell us more about your school days in primary school and secondary school

I was from Jurong West Primary School and actually I joined many CCAs because I wanted to try out different CCAs. Some of them are calligraphy, bowling, brownies and basketball.  But among all, I enjoyed bowling the most. Although we had to pay a sum of money for the CCA but it was quite enjoyable. The instructor there was quite friendly and was patient in teaching us. It was really fun and I was able to learn the skills. But now, I could only remember pieces of what my instructor taught.

After that, I went to Jurong West Secondary School. The school is not linked with my primary school but I decided to go there because my sister was in the same school. My favorite moments in life were during secondary school. I met many wonderful friends and teachers who really took good care of me especially my seniors. My results were not ideal at all during Secondary one to three and my worst subjects were History and Science. But, during Secondary four, I knew that I could not play anymore and started to really study hard. Luckily for me, I managed to score a result that I was satisfied with.

One of my favorite teachers (Miss Chiam)

I joined dance as a CCA and I was chosen to participate in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). The training was tough and quite tiring but it was really fun as well. I remembered getting some bruises while dancing but I think it was worth it when my school got achieved gold for it. I am really thankful for my teacher for giving me a chance to participate and gain such a fruitful experience.

This picture was taken before the SYF performance

Share some memorable moments of childhood with family or friends

There is a saying that says “Cousins are your first friends.” I truly agree with that statement. For me, my most memorable moments would be going out with my cousins. My cousins and I maintain good relationships with each other even though everyone is busy. Although sometimes I will miss the time where we played together when we were young, but as all of us grew up, we get to do things that we are not able to last time. For instance, we are now able to bring our grandmother out without our parents on her birthday.

My cousins and I brought my grandmother out on her birthday

Share some memorable moments of your teenage years

During my teenage years, I think I would say I enjoyed my Secondary Three life the most. Although most people would be studying, building up their foundation to prepare for the O-Levels, but I was playing and fooling around every day. My mid-term results were quite good but as for my end-of-year exams, I failed quite badly. When I received my results, I was very sad about it. I knew I had to work hard and stop playing so I ended up studying really hard during Secondary Four.
But till today, I can't forget that sad feeling at the moment I received the results.  I also remember those lovely moments I had with my classmates!

My classmates

My partner in secondary school

Why did you choose the DBIT course?

I chose DBIT because my sister was from DBIT as well and I find that what she studied is interesting so I chose the same course as her.

Share your likes!

My Likes: Dancing, Swimming, Watching dramas and movies, shopping with friends

What do you plan to do after graduation from SP?

I plan to apply for a university, preferably NUS or NTU. I am not really clear about what I want to do in the future but I will want to try starting a small online shop of my own to sell things that I like.

Three things or people that inspire you?

I am inspired by this word: Anchor.

To others, it could be just a design or it represents sailing. However, it actually contains a meaning, which is “I refuse to sink”.  In another words, it meant do not give up. I think it is very meaningful and encouraging.

My Dad

My dad is someone who inspired me a lot and he motivates me when I feel low. I share most of my troubles with him and he can understand what I go through. He is my pillar of support. I know that he went through several obstacles and difficulties while raising me and my sister. But, he always appeared to have no worries in front of us. He is a strong man and he gives me the strength to carry on when I meet with any trouble.

Another person who has inspired me is John G. Shedd.  One of his quotes, “A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for”.

I learnt from this quote that we cannot always find the easiest way out. If we always want to play safe, we would not know what we can do and how far can we go. Life is about meeting some failures and learning from those failures. If we are always taking the safest route and avoiding failures, we will not learn anything. We will always stay at the same spot just like those ships in the harbor.

Have you travelled anywhere before? If so, which countries have you been? Which country do you like most? And why?

I have only been to Genting and Sunway Lagoon. I have not much memory of going Genting because I was too young at that time. As for Sunway Lagoon, I went there during the last term break with my cousins. It was really fun there, the rides in the amusement park was really fun but I think we went there at a wrong time as some rides were closed for maintenance. The shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid, was really huge and there are many things to buy there. I am glad that I went there.

My cousins and I at Sunway Lagoon

What are your favourite modules in SP?

I enjoyed learning Java although the project was quite tough. Other than Java, I like Mathematics and Database Management System (DBMS) as well.

What are you hoping to learn in Year 2 and Year 3?

I hope that I can learn more about setting up a business using the IT skills that were being taught.

Share your experience and tips about transiting from secondary school to poly

Transiting from secondary school is actually not that tough. The difference from secondary school is that the timetable is more flexible and we really have to manage our time because of the project deadlines. The results are all ccumulative so it is constant hard work that has to be put in.

Do you have best / good friends in SP?

Yes, I have met some best friends in SP. They are Angela, Tiffany and Yi Han. Yi Han was previously featured on the DBIT blog as well.

Other than them, I would say that I have other good friends through combined lectures.

Please share 3 pictures of your past projects / assignments


Website created for DVDE and WCD

Website created for DVDE and WCD

Are you currently attached with a boyfriend / girlfriend?

Nope, I am currently single. I think I would prefer a boy who is older or same age as me, cares for me and is presentable.

Please share some photos of yourself! :)

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