Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free tickets to watch Ironman III -- Thanks Moove Media!

Not too long ago, we shared about our Year 1 students Yihan, Weixuan, Imran and Sally's experience in joining the Moove Media Hails Young Business Talent competition.

Tonight, the results were finally released! And after the announce of the results, all participants, including lecturers like me were treated to a free screening of Ironman III!  And to top it all, each of us was allowed to bring a partner! Weixuan invited his good friend, Joel-David while Imran invited Anu his classmate.  The girls also invited partners, but I shall keep hush-hush on the identities of them, haha ;)

The team of four and their invited partners at the Ironman III screening

So what did the team do before they got this generous treat from Moove Media?

Well, they had to attend three arduous days of competition on on which the students earned points based on four criteria: their performance in coming up with a effective outdoor marketing poster for an assigned product (Day 01), planning a branding presentation (Day 02),  their selling skills (Day 03) and finally, their ability to get as many LIKES as possible within a month for a Facebook Page and Youtube video they had created on Day 02.

Though the team of four did not shine on Day 01, they really impressed the panel of judges on Day 02 of the competition and won compliments from the industry guests for their creative marketing strategies.  I am so proud of them because they were the youngest team but still did so well!  On Day 03, they also did their best, and chalked up $600+ in sales.   Offline, the two guys and two gals also constantly persuaded their friends and friends of friends to help them like their Facebook Page and Youtube video.

Day 03 - Selling their wares at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange

So after the hard work, did our team win?  Unfortunately, we did not.  Temasek Polytechnic emerged the winner.

Though we were all a little disappointed, all of us felt it was a a great experience and all the time and effort spent during the 3 days of competition was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The students learnt ALOT from this competition and they had such fun too.  And as the lecturer-mentor, I also benefitted from watching how other schools performed but most of all, I am really heartened to work with such an awesome group of students like them!

Junice, Head of Marketing, Moove Media just before announcing the results

Team photo of all participants of the competition

Thanks Yihan, Imran, Sally and Weixuan.  The school is proud of you all, and kudos for all the excellent work you have done! Continue to join more competitions and one day, you are going to win back a trophy for us I am sure! :)

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