Monday, April 1, 2013

Like a BOSS! Check out our DBIT Entrepreneurs!

Come May 2013, we will be sending off another batch of DBIT graduates.  While most of the guys from this cohort would be enlisted for compulsory National Service right after graduation, those who are not bound by this national duty have decided or are now considering various options:
  1. Go for further studies in a local university / overseas university
  2. Find a job and start a career
  3. Start their own business!
The third option is always by far the least common of course, since it does require quite abit of financial capital and determination, but year after year, we are always happy to hear from our DBIT alumni that many of them have taken the road less travelled and achieved success for themselves!

Here's a peek into one such alumni whom we have heard of recently.



  • After graduation, she started to help her father run their family business dealing in used furniture and deco.
  • Her family business: Hock Siong & Company
  • Brillyn was key in innovating a traditional business with the use of social media, reaching out to a new market segement successfully. Their Facebook page has more than 10,000 Likes.
  • Their company was featured in the Straits Times, Zhao Bao and numerous Chinese variety shows.
  • Brillyn herself is an NUS Business School graduate

Hock Siong & Co Facebook Page

Hock Siong & Co featured on local Chinese variety show

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