Sunday, April 28, 2013

DBIT students are the 2nd runner-ups in SMU InnovateIT 2013!

Pic credits to SMU-InnovateIT Facebook Page

We have such great news to share today!

Yesterday, our team of three DBIT Year 3 students consisting of Hendra, Alivia and Anh emerged as the 2nd runner-ups in the InnovateIT competition organised by SMU (Singapore Management University)!

This achievement is not only savoured by the team members themselves, but by one of the mentors of the competition, DBIT senior Tan Shihui who was one of their mentors of the competition.

Shihui posted this status on her Facebook

"After participating (directly for 2 years and indirectly this year) in InnovateIT for 3 years, finally I won something this year. Well, not directly as a participant, but a reserve member or as a "mentor" to my junior. It's great that each year I join there's an improvement - first year I join, we didn't even get to finals.. second year I join we got into finals.. This year, the juniors I "mentored" got second runner up. :) It was a pleasure working with them, and they worked hard, and I'm glad they made it despite the last presentation being not as smooth. Good Job! "

While congratulating the trio who won the competition, credits must definitely go to their seniors and lecturers who mentored them plus their friends who supported them!

Here's a photo of the other students and mentors who were involved in the competition.

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