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The MetroDBITan student series : Issue #019 - Tan Jean Long

After such as loong hiatus, we are finally back with issue #018 of MetroDBITan!

In this issue, I interviewed Year 1 going to Year 2 student, Tan Jean Long whom I never really got to know well despite that he was my Year 1 Personal Tutee because Jean Long was usually very shy and soft-spoken when he was with the rest of his classmates who are usually ten times more talkative than him! ;)

But beneath his shy and bespectabled demeanour, Jean Long hides a very sporty and occasionally mischievious personality.

And do you know, he is the CHAMPION, #1 arcade basketball player in Singapore! @.@

I also discovered recently that he looks really cute when he takes off his glasses!  Hmm, let's dig in further to find out more about him!

Jean Long, describe yourself with FOUR words

I am Friendly and Reliable but also Pessimistic and Fickle-minded.

I'm friendly because I tend to approach people first and communicate with strangers well.  I'm reliable because I'm able to keep secrets that my friends told me.I'm pessimistic because most of the time things doesn't go the way I expect, so I tend to think negatively. I'm fickle-minded because of my low confidence and my decision gets affected by others easily.

His primary school days

I was a prefect during my primary school days.  My duty was to take down names of the late-comers and submit these names to the disciplinary master.

There was this time, the only time that I was late for school.  It is quite ironic that a prefect, whose duty is to take down names of the late comers ended up being late for school! The 'best part' was that my name was taken down by my junior who recognised me with just one glance despite me not wearing the prefect badge and tie. It was indeed an awkward moment for me back then in primary school.

Jean Long in Primary 1!

His secondary school days

I was quite sporty during my secondary school life.

I played sports during all my breaks. As long as there was enough time, I would be playing sports rather than studying. I only studied when the tests/exams periods were near the corner; if not I would either be playing basketball, badminton or table tennis, haha ☺

Memorable moments with family or friends

One of the most memorable moments with my friends is actually during this year ‘study session’ during the EST (End-Of-Semester Test) week when we actually ‘chiong’ to catch up on our study notes and assignments at a friend’s house. That was the only time when we actually studied together, learned together and helped one another in studies. To me, that’s one of the most memorable moments with my friends ☺

Another memorable is the time when I worked for the first time right after my 'O' Level examinations. That ‘awesome moment’ when I got my first paycheck after 3 weeks of work! :D

Study session with his awesome classmates!

Why did he choose the DBIT course?

I chose DBIT course is because I have a great interest in Business.

Back then in secondary school I did not do well for my Combined Humanities exams in school but sadly, many business courses require this subject.

When I was making decision about the course I want to take in polytechnic during early April 2012, I met Kenneth Tan who is currently in DBIT year 2 in SP. He encouraged me to take this course and he told me that Business Information Technology is a good course as I can learn how to blend business with IT.  I will also be in a better position with both IT and business knowledge compared to others people in the Business industry who do not possess IT skills.

After I had received my O Level results, I went for the last day of SPOH (SP Open House).  At that time, there was this course counselor named Tan Shi Hui,. She told me that DBIT is a good course and she never regretted choosing it. She even told me that I can design my own website and other interesting modules that I would learn in future if I were to choose this course. After I was officially enrolled into this course, I realized that she is one of the scholars in the DBIT cohort. I was quite shocked at that time because I was actually given advice by one of the scholars! These two people are mainly the people who motivated me in choosing DBIT course! Since then, I have never once regretted my decision before! :)

His likes and dislikes

I like to hang out with my friends, playing sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Bowling.

My favorite hobby is playing arcade basketball machine. This has been my hobby since I was 10 years old. Ever since I came across the arcade basketball machine, my life totally changed. I began to have goals in my life and have more confidence in myself. In fact now, I’m still playing the basketball machine once in a while to release stress from school assignments and projects.

Jean Long's love - arcade basketball

I dislike reading books! In my entire life, I have only managed to finish reading two books and both are the same book! I hate reading novels, but enjoy reading news, getting updated with the latest news and happenings around the world everyday.

The only book Jean Long has ever read!

His ambition in life
My ambition in life is having a career that I will like in future and earning enough money to provide for my whole family.

My focus is to study hard now, get my diploma or maybe save enough money to start my own business in future.

During these 3 years of my poly life, I shall go for more enrichment programs and think of what are the paths I should take in future: whether to continue studying or going to work in the working industries.

His dream gal? Did he have a crush on anyone before?
Someone who trusts me, believes me and will be there for me when I need her.

I had a crush for 2 and a half years but it was the saddest moment of my life.

Three things or people that inspire him

My father
My father always tells me what he has experienced ever since he was young such as his school days and army days. I used to talk to him about my problems I faced in school and he will give advice and solutions to my problem. He really inspires me because everyday I will see him going out to work and provide for the whole family. For the past 17 years, he never once thought of giving up despite how tiring his job was! My ambition is to become a person like my father, who is such a good father! ☺

Adam Khoo Motivation Workshop

I had an opportunity to attend a motivation workshop by Adam Khoo. The first thing that came across my mind is that why did I have to waste my time on this useless workshop. But after a few sessions of the workshop, I begun to learn many things that I could apply in my studies as well as in life too. After the entire course, I feel that they really inspire me to do well in my life.  Thanks to them, I know that ‘I am Gifted’. ☺


Haha, of course Money inspires me! In fact most of us are inspired by money even though we may choose to deny it.  Money inspires me to do well in my studies, so that I can get my diploma, next proceed to a University (hopefully can get in) and get a high-paid job (hopefully again) in future and let my whole family enjoy too! And this is also one of the reasons why I chose DBIT. Because since young, I have always think that businessman tend to earn more money as compared to other occupations! ☺

His travelling experiences
Countries that I have travelled to include Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.

Among these countries, my favourite experience was that in China. That was the trip that I had always been anticipating ever since I played arcade basketball. This China trip is for those people who play street basketball (a basketball machine) and get to represent their respective countries to take part in a competition held in china. I’m glad I was able to represent Timezone Singapore (arcade in Singapore) in this competition and ‘earned’ myself a free air ticket to China.☺

Jean Long is the arcade basketball CHAMPION
in Singapore and got a chance to represent our  country
in an international competition held in China!

His  favourite modules in SP

My favourite module would be Social Media Marketing (SMM).  For the SMM module, we were given a project to help to market the company. I was lucky to be able to work in a group of 6 people, which minimized the workload for each of us. Although I did not contribute much for the project but I did learn the principles of marketing and hopefully can apply them in real life situations in future.

Jean Long with his SMM group-mate, Minhan

His projects / assignments

WCD assignment using HTML

Drop-down menu

Nivo-slider and Jquery

More photos of Jean Long!

The prom night


Photo taken at a prom night with friend

Chilling out with friends at arcade

Christmas Concert with SP friends! :)

Jean Long and his awesome Year 1 classmates + Personal Tutor

Jean Long got 'married' during this year's
Freshmen Orientation Programme 

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