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Diploma in Business IT students’ first bonding and networking session of 2013!

Every year of this period is invariably a very stressful time for our students.

It is a time when they have to juggle multiple assignment submission deadlines and study for their tests and exams. It is not uncommon to see students huddled over their laptops to finish their work at 9 pm in the campus.

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While it is commendable for students to work hard in their studies, all work and no play is unhealthy as well!

With the help of a group of helpful Diploma in Business IT (DBIT) Year 2 students, we decided to hold a little event for our Year 1s and Year 2s to give them a chance to take a break.

More importantly, we wanted it to be a fruitful session where the two different cohorts could mix together and make new friends with each other!  Networking is an important habit that DBIT students should acquire and develop to aid in the success of their future careers.

Poster of the event created by our DBIT Y1 student, Benedict

To add further highlights to this event, we were so fortunate that two of our Alumni agreed to attend this session and share their experiences with their juniors!   Thank you so much Angie and Suresh for taking time off from your work and studies to grace this event!

The programme was a packed one.

First, the students were introduced to the DBIT Course Management Team (CMT) and the two Year 2 leaders, Dewei and Kenneth who chaired the organising committee of the event.



After that, they were ushered by their GLs (Group Leaders) to play two bonding games.

Playing the “Challenge Me” bonding game in T1752

Playing the "Pass the Drink" game in T1753

One of the games got them very wet!  "Pass the drink" is the name of this particular game and basically, the students stand in a row and try to pour a cup of water over their heads to the cups of the people behind them without turning around.

DBIT Year 2 student Xinman's hair is all soaked!

After the games, the students went back to the lecture theatre where our Alumni guests had arrived and were ready to start the sharing session.
Angie and Suresh sharing their experiences with their juniors

The sharing session was conducted in a moderated question-and-answer style, where we posed a question to each Alumni, and they would take turns to give their replies.

Some of the questions that were asked during this session include:
  1. What is the GPA you must get to enter NTU or NUS?
  2. How is the transition from polytechnic to university like?
  3. What are some of the happy memories you had when you were at SP?

Angie who graduated in 2009 and went on to do a business degree in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) gave several candid answers and helpful tips to her juniors.

She shared how she struggled with certain modules in university because she did not have such a good foundation of Mathematics compared to her junior college peers who were experts in using statistical calculators which she had no experience in.

She advised them to try to get a headstart in learning to use such calculators as it would speed up their efficiency in completing assignments or test questions  if they are familiar with these devices.

Suresh, our graduate from the 2010 cohort had started his own business while studying in polytechnic, with the help of the $50,000 pitching funds from SPRING Singapore.

He recalled the stressful period while he had to juggle the management of his start-up while doing his Final Year Project with Tiger Airways.

Still, Suresh managed to graduate with a GPA of 3.8 and secured a place in National University of Singapore, reading a business degree as well.

Suresh advised his juniors, especially the males, that during their National Service period, they should use the time to do something useful.  For example, he mentioned how they can try to improve their Mathematics or to pick up a driving licence.

Students had to guess the names of their seniors / juniors whose photos were flashed on the projector screen

After the sharing session, the students had another session of fun and bonding with our "Guess the Photo" session.

We showed them photos of the students who had attended the event, and while some of these photos were familiar to them, most were not.  For those who recognised the photos, they had to run up to the podium and inform the Game Masters of the  names of the students in the photos.  If they guessed the names correctly, they would earn points for their team and if they did not, they got points deducted instead! It was quite an exciting twenty minutes or so of time for them!

One of the Year 1 student, Mao Sheng who came up to the stage to guess his senior's name

After the short guessing game, the points of the eight teams were tallied and we determined the winners.  The top team walked away with Popular vouchers for each team member and we did not miss the opportunity to take group photos for each of them of course!

Team 5 and their GL: Zhong Meng

Team 7 and their GL, Melvin

Team 8 and their GL, Yihan

Team 4 and their GLs: Chester and Alivia

Team 6 and their GLs, Daryl and Fiona

Third prize winners!
Team 2 and their GL: Jean Long

Second prize winners!
Team 1and their GLs: Hui Yee and Urth

The champions of the day.
Team 3 and their GLs: Richmond and Lorena

With the kind support of Alumni Relations Office (ARO), we also managed to provide a dinner reception for the students and our guests after the event.  Some of the delicious food on the menu include pineapple rice, sweet and sour fish, chicken wings which were eagerly savoured by the participants after their pretty physically draining activities a while ago!

Year 1 students sitting on the floor enjoying the dinner

One Year 1 student managed to catch his senior for a quick chat during the dinner reception

A snapshot of one of the delicious food items provided at the dinner

Overall, this event was very successful.

We had more than a hundred participants and upon chatting with some of the Year 1s, they expressed satisfaction that they had joined in the session and mentioned that it was 'fun'!

We were glad the students enjoyed and benefitted from the event, and we do hope that we can conduct more of such sessions in future.

PS: More photos of the entire event will be uploaded to the DBIT Facebook Page by next week! Look out for them!

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