Friday, January 4, 2013

Our pretty DBIT gals are on Facebook Ads!

One enjoyable thing about studying in Diploma in Business IT (DBIT) is that, you get to see many pretty girls in our course!

Recently, we put up some Facebook Ads as part of our SP Open House marketing campaign.

An important consideration in using Facebook Ads is to choose an attractive image that will capture the Facebook user's attention.

So guess what images we used!  Photos of our pretty DBIT gals of course!

Here's two of the good-lookers we picked for a start, Yihan (Year 1) and Michelle (Year 2).

Of course, there are many more cantik 美女 in our course, and yes, we do intend to feature them in our Facebook Ads or blog in progressive stages!

Meanwhile, happy oogling! ;)

You can see more pictures of Michelle and Yihan at our DBIT Facebook Page as well

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