Friday, January 11, 2013

DBIT Future. The Importance of Versatility in a Tough Economy.

Last year, I reflected on the importance of versatility in a bad economy. 2013 is no different. Students need to be able to handle various types of jobs and jobs which are in demand in a bad economy. For example in 2007, the Mobile Apps Skills created 500,000 jobs and was one of the only bright spots in a year with no jobs.

As 2012 has come to a close I'm happy to report our current batch of DBIT 2012 graduates have added to our growing list of students who have demonstrated versatility by making it to a variety of universities and courses.  Their combination of hardwork and the right skills has made it possible! Below is a sample of our graduates. From all the lecturers congratulations to you all! You deserve it!

Offered BBA, NUS
Offered B Comp (Information Systems), NUS
B Comp (Information Systems), NUS

B Comp (Information Systems), NUS

BBusiness, NTU
BCS, Digipen
B Comp (Information Systems), NUS
B Comp (Information Systems), NUS


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