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DBIT-SMA Group - ARO Appreciation Dinner 2012

I will give some background info of how we form the group and how we came in contact with ARO through the experience we had in such a short time !!

Social Media Angels Group (SMA)
This group is initially founded by Mrs Dora. She gathered all of us (the very 1st batch of Social Media Marketing students) who are interested in planning events, doing social media related works and etc for Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Though the group is not recognized by Department of Student Development (DSD) to become an official CCA club, we managed to create the brand "Love Happens at SP" for the Valentine's Day and ran it successfully at the school of DMIT, Food-court 6 on 8 to 10 February.

Love Happens at Singapore Polytechnic
The campaign was so successful that we got to interview by the reporter of Zaobao Comma and later been posted as one of the polytechnic to appear in the February issue 2012. Because of this success, we get to cooperate with DBIT course manager, Mrs Lim Kim Ying to sponsor us on our fund issue. Thus, we renamed the group name: "SP DBIT-Social Media Angels Group (DBIT-SMA)".

Alumni Relations Office
Furthermore, Mrs Dora introduced us to the ARO [Alumni Relations Office] and we were able to come out of 3 events this year through our presentation to Mr. Principal. After various preparation meetings we had with ARO, we managed to launch the very 1st social media campaign for ARO's Graduation Ceremony 2012. Because this was also the first time that ARO made the first step to entrust this mission to the students. Activities in the campaign such as Facebook Apps of Graduates' Dedication and Photo Contest because our theme was about "Trolling of the Universe".

One of the best drafts that we had
(future preference)

Graduation Ceremony 2012 signage
Here are some photos that we took for the SP Alumnus [with Troll masks]:

Asking the graduate to dedicate their message
into our dedication app in ARO's Facebook

Taking with Mr. Principal

Taking with Georgina Phua during the event

Graduation Ceremony 2012
The campaign was a success as we managed to increase the fan base from 5500+ fans to 9843 fans, where we exceeded the targeted goal of 8000 fans. On top of that, the winner of the photo contest had the highest votes of 5000+ and the 1st runner-up had 4900+. It was a very exciting and adventurous for us on that week. In addition, even after we ended the 5 days event, we also need to communicate with some of the graduates to actively participate the photo contest and to like our daily posts. I even added some of the alumnus (around 200+) in my friend-list as well ~ LoL.

ARO's Facebook Page

One of the most high traffic & popular post in ARO's Facebook 

ARO Appreciation Dinner - 05 September 2012, 2:15pm
This dinner is hosted by Mrs Rachel, who is the ARO manager of SP. She told her assistant, Nurul to send us an invitation email which initially suppose to be August 1st, but was changed to September 5th due to some directors were not able to come. But, anyway, I will be sharing to all the readers and students here about this gathering.

Helping out with Nurul on the certs

A welcome speech by Mrs Rachel, Manager of ARO

A speech gave by the Inno-village Director before awarded us the certificates

Here are the list of photos that the Director awarded us the Certificate of Appreciation

Ang Hui Min - DBIT-SMA Logistics

Loh Hui Min - DBIT-SMA Treasurer

Kelvin T YR - DBIT-SMA Vice-President

Eng Zhao Wei - DBIT-SMA Secretary

Chen Weisheng - DBIT-SMA Main Designer

Xu Dong - DBIT-SMA Main Programmer

Credits to Dora who took most of the pics !!
Some of the SMA members were not there, so I decided to keep them into my locked drawer.

My Certificate of Appreciation from ARO
It was a fun and learning experience to work with ARO through social media campaigns and we hope to come out with even more unique marketing ideas for their next campaign at the end of October. *Spoiler for the next ARO project: Social media Campaign plus a public roadshow 

I will post more details about it near the event date. So stay tune !! ^__^

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