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The MetroDBITan student Series : Issue #004 – Chen Wei Sheng


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We have come to issue #004 of the MetroDBITan and this time, we are featuring another Year 2 student.

Today, we present the boyish-looking Chen Wei Sheng who is currently in the class of DBIT/FT/2B/23.


Before coming to SP, Wei Sheng studied in Ang Mo Kio Secondary School and joined various activities such as Infocomm Club as well as Drama Society.

Interestingly, he also took up Music at his ‘O’ levels as his 8th elective subject.


As Wei Sheng relates,

“These experiences opened me up to many new fields and possibly changed my interest numerous times.”

Finally, he finally decided to pursue his passion that would open him up to more career opportunities in the future. He scored results that would qualify him for Junior College, but he decided to select DBIT as one of his top choices instead.


Unlike most Singaporeans, Wei Sheng did not spend his childhood years growing up in our homeland.  His father worked as a commando in Taiwan during his preschool years, and as such, Wei Sheng spent his early years in the country as well.


During his secondary school days, Wei Sheng often scored mediocrely and rarely attained As for his exams. However, he begun to work harder in SP and his effort has indeed paid off!

“When I was in primary school, I did badly for subjects such as Chinese Language and was often scolded by the teacher for getting low grades.”

Things begin to improve after I entered SP, where the knowledge and guidance of my teachers, as well as peers aided me to score a 4.0 GPA in my second semester of year 1!


During his free time, Wei Sheng enjoys playing the piano, swimming, and doing graphic design.

“Design is an inescapable form of art that is all around us. It is a great joy to see your works being used around the school. I was given a great opportunity to work with SP alumni relations office (ARO) as a designer during the holidays as part of a learning experience.”


He has been to countries like Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, but the country that has captured his heart is still Singapore. He loves the country for its uniqueness and its heritage.

His most memorable overseas trip would be the one to Genting Highlands where he had the opportunity to organise and travel with a group of friends on a trip without adult supervision.


I asked Wei Sheng, “How has your life in SP been so far”?

He replies jovially, “The curriculum in Singapore Polytechnic has been meticulously planned to suit the needs of the students. The modules given to us are specifically adapted to real world scenarios and are certainly not simply modules designed to drain our brain cells.”

His favourite module is inevitably “Digital Visual Design (DVDE)”.  He knew DBIT would be a course that would give him the best of both worlds – acquiring knowledge in both business and information technology.  However, it did not occur to him that the curriculum would go towards further developing his graphics design skillsets in Adobe Photoshop as well.  .

But don’t be misled into thinking Wei Sheng is only good at graphics design.  He is very good at technical modules too.   He scored well for his Java Programming module and was selected to attend holiday workshops to pick up Android programming while he was still in Year 1.

Below are some screenshots of Wei Sheng’s assignments.


Java assignment
( 2011 Year 1)

clip_image013 Web Client Development (WCD)
Assignment (2011 Year 1)


SP Alumni Relations Office
Project (2012)


Like many other students in DBIT, his ambition is to set up his own start-up business.

“SP has equipped me with the right skills and I certainly have no regrets choosing the course that I am studying in right now -  Diploma in Business IT S82”



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